Members work together as a club…..

Our ladies enjoy networking with us, firstly as they make some great business connections. We operate as a business club which means that everyone has paid a membership fee and therefore committed to the network. We find, that because of this financial commitment ladies attend on a regular basis and make an effort to get the most out of the network, as opposed to nipping in and out as and when ‘at pay as you go’ type networks. Successful networking is built on relationships and these can only be established as people get to know and trust you, so consistency really is the key.

Members want to help and support one another and build great relationships. Referrals are made as well as services bought within the networks, but also knowledge is shared and many members gain greater confidence in their networking and business abilities. Running a business can be very isolating, but not when you are part of Pink Link.

No pressure…..

There is no pressure to join, so visitors can attend without fear of a big sales pitch. We like ladies to join because they feel comfortable with the group and that  it is the right type of network for them. We know that members who opt to join in this way will stay with us for years to come.

No stiff rules…..

We do not have lots of rules. You do not have to bring referrals each month or substitute if you miss a month, it’s up to you. You get out of the network what you put in and you will be in control of that.

Rewards that make you smile….

We reward our members with branded members gifts. New members receive a members pack of business goodies and then each year we say ‘thank you’ for your continued custom and our members receive more branded gifts. We offer a referral scheme, so we pay our members in ‘Pink Link Pounds’ for introducing new members.


We operate a relaxed and informal atmosphere that is not stuffy, but fun so you enjoy the time you spend with us and the members. Life is too short so we want to have fun whilst we do business and create an environment where women look forward to coming back.


We keep our network fees low so that ladies starting out can afford to join and feel included rather than excluded by cost. We also offer direct debit options to help out members spread the cost and aid their cash flow. We understand the importance of this and do not want to build barriers that prevent women from doing business at our networks.


We know how intimidating networking can be if your new to it so when it comes to the business introduction it’s up to you…Stand, sit come down to the front, use your minute or just say Hi. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what matters and many of our members have felt like this at some point and support and encourage ladies.

Our business is your Business..

Many network groups are run by people who are using it is as an add on to their main business and this means their time and focus is split. Our networks are ‘our business’ and therefore you can feel confident that your membership is important to us and that we focus our time on the network and our members. Your business is our business and our members are at the heart of what we do.

You choose what suits you…..

We do not operate a one size fits all policy as we know our members are individuals who want to choose what suits them best. We have three types of network levels which offer different benefits and platforms, so you decide which one is right for you and your business.

You decide if you want to stay….

Some networks will automatically renew members without consulting them and take it for granted that they will stay. We let our members know when they are due for renewal and ask them if they want to continue as we understand that things change in the business and in life and so does your needs. We don’t dictate we listen to you.

Fun and refreshing….

We like to be a little different and stand out from the crowd so we create events that are enjoyable and we constantly improve and evolve so our members stay engaged with us and feel stimulated. We ask for feedback and listen  and act on this to deliver quality events that offer value. Our events are built around what you tell us you want.