Five important questions to ask your website designer before you embark on a new website in 2014

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Choosing the right Website Designer/Agency for your BusinessAs the end of the year is almost here, many businesses will be thinking of marketing in 2014 and one investment maybe in a new website. After all, this is one of the most cost effective marketing tools that a business has and with technology as well as design changing at a quick pace changing your site is something that should be looked at on a regular basis.

There are some questions to ask before you or your marketing manager/team embarks on the change, the world of web is not likely to be your area of expertise, why should it be? In order to ensure that you are getting the best from your budget choosing the right company to do the job is imperative. You could look at the agencies portfolio of design work is good but it does not give any indication if the web site will work for you and importantly for your customers.

As you may be thinking about this now, here are a few things that you should be asking designers and what answers to expect and why.

Will my web site be built in a Content Management System?

This is very important as you want to have access to your web site to make changes as and when required without incurring any extra cost but more importantly at a time frame that suits you and your business. You do not want to be in a position of emailing your web site designer with changes or a news story and then finding that the update cannot be done for a few days due to other work commitments that the web site designer has on at the time.

A content management system (commonly known as a CMS) is basically a user friendly front end system that you can login to once the web site is built and make changes to content. In theory you can change much more but do remember that a web site is built in code and what you see is just the nice looking side of it. Go investigating into all the things you can do and you could end up in a mess. Most of the time having access to edit content, images, add news and update calendars is what you will need.

It is always worth asking the web site designer what content management system they use and why. If they have developed their own system then if you ever wanted to change providers or they went out of business this could cause and issue further down the line as other web site design agencies would then have to start over and rebuild a new web site from scratch. There are many very good and well known content management systems available to choose from and all design agencies would be able to pick a main stream one up and amend if it came to it. It is also worth asking how user friendly it is and can you have a look at the back end. Some of the systems have so much flexibility that they are great for the designer but a nightmare for end users to understand and if you are going to be the ones updating your own web site in house you need it to be easy for you and your team to use. If a designer is reluctant to show you what they use or give you access to have a look do question why, this is your web site that you are paying for and going forward it is the best thing for you and your business.

In saying all that there are some cases where a complex web site is required and general content managements systems are not suitable for the job so a bespoke back end system is developed just for that project. For the vast majority of businesses this is not usually the case.

Will my web site be a bespoke design or from a template?

Your web site may be the first impression that someone gets of you and your business. If the end user is looking around and uses the internet on a regular basis, they may see that your website is the same layout as another but with different colours and a different logo. What does that say about you? You and your business are unique, you offer similar products and services as your competitors will but in order to get the work all small/medium business owners know that they have to offer added value. Your web site needs to show this off and not look like one of many.

Beware it is not always cheaper either!
In some cases be aware that some designers will charge the same price for a template as it would cost for bespoke design. You may think you are getting a cheaper option but that is not necessarily the case. As a business owner you should show yourself off to the best of your abilities, you and your business are unique so should not your web site be bearing in mind we already know this could be the first impression a client gets of you?

If the designer says it is a bespoke design then make sure to ask what language is it built in? The answer you are looking for is HTML5, anything else and it is out of date and if he cant answer then it could be a template that you are actually getting.

What testing will you do once my site is built?

This is really testing the web site designer’s knowledge and expertise. The answers you should be getting include the answer to the next question, i.e. the web browsers that the site will be tested to work with but also you need to listen out for the Equality Act and the EU Cookies Directive as all websites must comply with these legally!

Do you include any search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a huge area but the basics should really be included on your website before it goes live. I am aware however that this is sometimes asking too much of smaller design agencies as they are primarily designers and who do not really keep in touch with this area and the ongoing changes of which there are so many and so often.
By the basics I mean simply things such as:

  • Adding the Title Tags to each page and not leaving them as ‘Home’ or the ‘Company Name’ for example.
  • Making sure that all images, logos and graphics that have been used have descriptions.
  • Each page should have a basic page description set up in the back end.
  • Setting up each page with a friendly URL where possible (not the standard page names)
  • Using relevant headings within H1 and H2 tags.

If the web site designer says that this is not included as it is not their area of expertise then you can do this yourself once you have access to the content management system. If this is not your area either then do ask someone to have a look at it for you as there is little point in investing in the site if the public can’t find it due to the basics.

Can you design a mobile friendly version?

As more and more people access the internet via their smart phones this becomes all the more important. All good web site designers should offer you this at the same time as that way the cost should be kept down. It maybe that you feel that your business does not need to have one which is fine, but do ask and consider it.
Mobile website design though can be seen as a specialist area; ask to see examples of work to make sure that the web designer can deliver one and what will be included. One important question at this stage is to ensure that it will all be updated from the same place at the same time. What you do not want is to have to update the main web sites content in one system and then again in another, it can all be done in one.

Finally, this is not a complete list of things to ask, but a selection of what I think are important and now is a good time of year to be thinking about your website and ask if it is time for an overhaul and indeed is it working for you?

Happy New Year from Lisa Spann and the team at ISSL

Is your website in need of a healthcheck?

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

What do I mean by a health check?In the same way a car has an annual health check (MOT/Service) to ensure that it is running at its most efficient and to check that everything is still working as it should; a website should have a similar check. I mean why would you invest (quite a lot in some cases) in one of your main marketing tools to then just leave it and hope for the best? The world of the internet is moving at such as fast pace that if you do not keep on top of your web presence it can end up being a wasted resource and very quickly.

What does a health check look at?


Websites do have a few pieces of legislation that they need to comply with. A series of checks that are made on the site to see if it complies with The Equality Act and the The EU Cookies Directive.

Although the legislation hasn’t changed in a while and the site should have complied when it was built any subsequent changes made to the content on the site especially with regard to images may have a caused a failure with regard to the Equality Act. The EU Cookies Directive is only a couple of years old and again may have been fine when the site was launched but if you have added any social media feeds or videos since then it will more than likely need to be adhered to.

W3C Standards:

A health check will also look at the quality of the build of the site against the industry standards of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) regulations. These are not a legal requirements but our equivalent of building regulations, something may look good but is it built using the latest technologies and built to last and be sustainable? Anything built in an older technology will start to have issues much quicker than those built in the new ones. A health check should also flag up any errors that are within the code. Some errors are fine as the functionality of the site is more important but these should be few and far between. Too many errors and this can have an affect on the way your site performs and on your ranking with search engines.

Cross Browser Testing:

By this I mean does your website work in all of the main browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explore and Safari? Everyone has their favourite browser to access the web including designers, it may look and work fine for you and them but what about customers who user an different method, do you know what they see? With more people accessing websites on the move have you looked at your website on an Ipad in Safari for example? There are tools that allow designers to see what a site looks like to others and this is a another part of the health check. Again it may have worked when the site when live but the browsers will have probably had updates since then as well as the site. It needs re-checking.

The Back-end Modules

This is the technical bit, in comparison to the car analogy it is looking under the car bonnet and ensuring that all the plugs and elements are in tip top shape. The vast majority of bespoke websites are built in HTML and then dropped into a content management system (CMS) or they are themes/templates that have been downloaded into a CMS and then tweaked accordingly. All CMS whether it be CMS Made Simple, WordPress or Joomla update their platforms regularly and you need to keep up to date with these changes.

Again at the time the site goes live the components and modules used are the latest version but these are generally updated on a regular basis to work with newer technologies and on different web browsers and to include new and enhanced features. If these are not updated you end up with a website that is using older (and possibly unsupported) modules which can just stop working in the way that your websites needs them too. Equally the CMS will need to be updated on a  regular basis.

Most people never do this and to be honest I don’t blame them. Updating a CMS and supporting modules is not something to be done lightly, a backup should be take first and you need to ensure that all the updates are compatible with each other, otherwise you could end with a website that is no longer functional and therefore stops customers and potential customers from using it. The health check can usually tell you if there are updates (subject to access to the CMS), if there are then a website professional should be commissioned to make these updates for you. If a number of updates have been missed then you may not simply be able to go to the latest version, hence a regular health check is worth its weight.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Firstly SEO is a huge area and there are companies that are specialists in this field such as my friends at Red Cow Media and Social Jigsaw. My view is that SEO is split into two, on-site and off-site, off-site includes Adwords, Link Building, Video optimisation and Social Media (plus loads more that I haven’t got a clue about). On-site SEO though is the basics and although a web designer is not the best person to give advice on off-site SEO they should know about the on-site stuff.

The health check will look at the basics including the correct use of Title Tags, Friendly URLs, Heading Tags and having a good description. This world changes very quickly and Google issue updates on a regular basis, but not just that when you or your marketing team update the content on your site do they also update the SEO? Do they know how to? A report will help you identify what needs to be changed.

Who should have a health check?

Any website can have a health check at any time. In an ideal world any professionally designed and built website should be good for at least 6 months but who knows what new technology is around the corner?

A health check after twelve months is a good starting point, as any changes made can be identified and any remedial work needed applied. It can also pick up on any content pages that have not been updated such as News. With the best will in the world so many people want to update their site with news but never actually get around to doing it, a health check can identity this and make suggestions as to what to do instead.

Remedial Work

Once the health check report has been carried out if any potential issues have been identified the it would be a good idea to get a web designer to fix up at this time. By fixing up on a regular basis not only will it keep the website working at its best but it will help prevent any nasty (expensive) surprises further down the line. The main remedial work is likely to be updating modules and the CMS and I think this is one of the most important reason for having a health check in the first place.

After Care Plan

A regular health check will report on what you need to do to keep your website performing at its best and extend its lifespan. If you like the design by maintaining it (and this includes under the hood) can mean that a complete new one is not needed for a few years or until you fancy a change!

Once any remedial work is done to being the site up to date then it is worth looking at taking an after care plan. This will ensure that all check are carried on on a regular basis and that the actual work to fix any thing up is done at no further expense. It may also include performance reports to tell you how many people are using your site and importantly what they are looking at. After care plans will vary in prices depending on the size and complexity of it, an average site though will be just £50 plus VAT PCM.

Again your website is one of the most important marketing and sales tools that you have and it needs to be maintained to ensure it does its job to the best of its ability.

Request your FREE Health Check today

If you want to know more have a look at our website www.issl.co.uk or get in touch:
Call me: 0161 660 1982 (4)
Email me: Lisa@issl.co.uk

Social Media and Websites – From ISSL Lisa Spann

Monday, September 9th, 2013

This week I decided to talk a little about Social Media and websites. There are many
social media options to choose from, some do one, some do all and of course
some don’t go near them with a barge pole!

There is much made about social media these days not just on a personal level,
but as a way for businesses to communicate with their existing clients and a
way of attracting new ones. So whether you love them or loathe them be aware of
them and choose the one(s) you want to engage with.

With all social media platforms remember the ASA – Advertising Standards Authority governs
them and competition rules apply even if you simply are holding free prize
draws for more likes or followers.


“Currently, there are 32175460 Facebook users in the United Kingdom,
which makes it #7 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country.” 

The question for me is, are people on Facebook looking to be sold to? I use
Facebook personally to keep in touch with family and friends and like pages
from an interest perspective. I don’t look at adverts on there in the same way
I skip adverts in magazines. For my business I don’t believe that Facebook is
the way to go, but in saying that I still have a business page and post on a
semi regular basis and try to link to my clients and promoted them. I also keep
a check on what people are saying about my business and within my industry.

Facebook for me is a business to consumer (B2C) medium not really a Business to
Business (B2B) one.


“Twitter now has 10 million active users in the UK” - http://www.thesocialpenguinblog.com/2012/05/15/twitter-reveals-latest-uk-usage-statistics/ 

I know many people who just don’t get Twitter and I know many others that get
lots of great business from it. I must admit I quite like it but I find that I
don’t really have the time to read all the tweets of the people I follow. I
have a personal account that I use for following a few famous people that I
follow and then I have a company one that I post on and follow my clients and
again try to help them by re-tweeting things I think others will be interested

Twitter is a great monitoring tool and if someone is going to say anything
about you or your business or want to get in touch with you then this is one
sure way that they will.

Twitter tends to be more for B2B clients but does take some time to get to
grips with and to engage successfully you can get addicted!


I include You Tube under social media and it is a great way to help market your
business. You Tube is owned by Google and the general consensus seems to be
that having a video on your website that is embedded via You Tube is a great
way to help with your ranking. Certainly when you search for things in Google
you do find results appearing with video links so it can’t do any harm.

Having a You Tube publicity channel allows you to add a number of videos and
you can tag them with relevant keywords to help you get found via that route.

Google Plus, LinkedIn, Foursquare and
the list goes on.

There are a number of other social
media sites to be aware of. You may be aware of some or all of them or none of

Google Plus

Is appearing on a number of sites where you can Plus 1 something, again I have an
account but I must admit I never look at it. I just don’t have the time or to
be honest the inclination to monitor yet another account, but if this is what
you like and you get work from it then stick to it.

LinkedIn is a common site among business owners all over the world from
the small to the very large. Over the last 6 months I have started to use
LinkedIn more and have made some very good contacts. Again I know of a number
of people who have got some great business from it.

I do think that sharing and engaging in groups on here is the best way to use
it and not to connect with just anyone and everyone, only those that you know
or have an affiliation with from a group.


Is one that I think is underused; simply it is ideal for businesses that have a
location where people visit. Restaurants and shops get the best out of this and
can create offers that are only accessible once you have checked in. Recently I
got £25 off my Tesco visit when I checked in if I used American Express to pay
– needless to say I did and I got the £25 off. This is not the only time I have
had that offer. By getting your clients to check in they are sharing with their
friends where they are and that is brand awareness for you.

Integrating Social Media into your

A website can get over run with links
to all social media sites, but there are ways and means. You can have a share
button that links to all of them in one go for example. If you are having a
feed on your website I would say choose either Facebook or Twitter don’t have
both as you find that you are repeating your message to your end user and
wasting space that could be better used.
Whichever special media option(s) you use, just remember there is nothing worse
than going to a website or page and finding that it has not been updated for
some time. It can make the end user think that you have nothing to say and so
out of touch or question whether you are still in existence and trading. The
same goes for news feeds; they never look good out of date.

If you really want to make the most of social media but don’t have the time
then there are specialists who will manage your accounts for you and post/tweet
on a regular basis as if they are you. That’s what some celebs do so why not?


BWD at th Proms Lytham

Monday, August 5th, 2013


Fylde firm helps corks pop at Proms

Artist impression of champagne pod at the 2013 Lytham PromsArtist impression of champagne pod at the 2013 Lytham Proms



This is a sneak peek at the exclusive champagne pods to be unveiled at this weekend’s Lytham Proms.


Interior architects bwd limited, based in St Annes, have been helping to promote the new pods.

The firm’s creative director Beverley Wood and interior designer Ria Parkinson were briefed by Peter Taylor, of the event managers Cuffe and Taylor Event Management, to put together photo-realistic visuals to show how the new champagne pods would look and to help promote them in advance of this weekend’s event.

Creative director Beverley Wood said “We are really pleased to have the opportunity to help promote this popular festival.

“We can produce a three dimensional CAD drawing of any space; external or internal, and because we build it to true scale, the client get’s a good overall view of how it will look before anything is built”.

Mr Taylor, of Cuffe and Taylor, outlined what was required and bwd produced three photo-realistic visuals to illustrate how the champagne VIP experience would look.

BWD Creative Interpreters

Friday, April 19th, 2013

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You might remember our post last year, around the May Bank Holiday, when we told you about our designs for Manchester Arndale for their ‘Inside Live’ event. We created the set design for the fashion showcase, as well as some fabulous beauty workstations which the likes of Body Shop loved..

Well we were so pleased to see our set design being used again, including our beauty workstations, at Manchester Arndale FlashMob Fashion event which took place last weekend.

“The latest hair and new spring make-up ranges will also be available to view and try out at in the ‘pop-up salon’ in Halle Square with staff on hand to offer styling tips and mini-makeovers.” Read more…

FlashMob Fashion - The bwd pop-up salon and display in useFlashMob Fashion – The bwd pop-up salon and ‘goalpost’ graphic units in use last week.
Picture © Jason Lock Photography
+44 (0) 7889 152747 / +44 (0) 161 431 4012

The FlashMob-style fashion event featured two of our ‘goalpost’ graphic units as well as the beauty stations, as pictured being used by Lush, the high street’s handmade cosmetics company.

The fantastic photographs, taken by Jason Lock Photography, really show off our designs and demonstrate how flexible and re-useable our units are.  We believe it pays to think a design brief through and to work out the details. Aside from creating a branded set design, we have developed units which:

- Attract attention, but do not affect footfall and travel through the busy areas of the shopping center.

- Store away easily, in smaller sections, but can be rebuilt quickly.

- Use magnetic graphics which means the images can be changed to suit various events.

- Offer complimentary mobile beauty stations which are stylish and practical.

We are so proud to see our designs still in use and look forward to seeing them in many more events this year.

Did you see or visit the FlashMob Fashion event? If so, did you use our pop-up set? We’d love to hear your thoughts or see your pics.

High Court victory for client in property dispute

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

High Court victory for client in property dispute



Harrison Drury has obtained an injunction in the High Court in Birmingham to prevent a winding up petition filed against one of its clients following a commercial property dispute.

The client, a multi-million pound European property investment company, based in Holland, had been served a statuary demand by one of its tenants following the misinterpretation of a break clause in a contract between them.

The company owns a commercial unit in Telford which it let to a tenant under a ten year lease with a break clause at year five. One of the conditions of that break was that all rent due under the lease was paid up to date as at the break date. The unusual aspect to this was that the break date was the same as the rent quarter date.


After the tenant served a break notice under the lease, our client misinterpreted the break clause and issued an invoice for one day’s rent, even though a full quarter’s rent was due and payable. In the event the tenant took its own legal advice and paid a quarter’s rent to ensure the break was properly exercised.

Subsequently the tenant demanded a refund of the balance of the rent due and instructed solicitors to issue a letter of claim for the money. This was done on the basis that an estoppel had arisen, and/or an agreement to repay the rent made, evidenced by the invoice and the subsequent exchange of correspondence when our client had initially indicated an intention to repay, based on its previous understanding of the clause.

We advised our client that there was no estoppel because the tenant had effectively ignored the invoice by paying the rent in full and there was no agreement to repay the rent.

Between taking instructions from our client and drafting the letter in response, the tenant served a statutory demand against our client. The tenant refused to withdraw this statutory demand despite the fact that there was a substantive dispute over whether an agreement to refund the rent existed.

This statutory demand meant that our client was at risk of being wound up, despite having assets of in excess of £80 million, and at the very least would face having its accounts suspended and serious damage to its commercial reputation.

We therefore issued an application without notice to restrain the presentation of a winding up petition, which was granted temporarily.

The tenant opposed the application at a final hearing before HHJ Purle QC. However, the judge dismissed the tenant’s case out of hand.

Not only did he find that there was a substantive dispute, the judge also observed that there was no evidence of any agreement to repay the rent as alleged by the tenant. The judge ordered the tenant to pay £16,161 in costs.

This case highlights the consequences of misusing the statutory demand procedure and threatening insolvency where a substantive underlying dispute exists.

It also highlights the care that needs to be taken when exercising a break clause, due to the fact that they will be enforced strictly by the court, even when the parties have misinterpreted their meaning.

Posted by Karen Piontek – Harrison Drury – 01772 258321



There’s only one thing worse than being talked about…

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Social Media is transforming the way the world does business. In your town and your city.

The great thing about social media is that it’s where the people are! Think about it…. Thousands of people in your area – your potential customers – are online using the various social media platforms RIGHT NOW – this minute and they might be looking for you or talking about you!

Click to watch the latest video The Social Media Revolution

We all know that building relationships with your customers creates loyal customers and good customer service is what builds your reputation.

Word of mouth has always been the way to really build a great business and the fact is that together, the social media platforms, are 21st century word of mouth.

Facebook gets more page views each month now than Google. Twitter is the most brilliant tool to engage with people and millions are using it. Linked In provides the greatest professional networking facility there is and You Tube provides an incredible and under utilised video platform that can really boost your profile if used correctly and Pinterest is quickly becoming a major platform.

Social media is not going to go away, so successful businesses have joined in the world’s biggest conversation.

If you don’t know how to get started, instead of struggling to do it all on your own… let me help you and do it with you.

Give me a call on 0752 131 4926 and I’ll be happy to have a chat. Or email me jane@janessocialmedia.co.uk

A Funny 60 seconds by Lancaster’s Amanda Green

Friday, December 14th, 2012

My alternative festive 60 seconds by Amanda Green – Pampered Chef 

Father Christmas and his business overhaul

by Father Christmas


This year I need to outsource & find the right people for an

I think I’ll give those fabulous ladies of Lancaster Pink Link a call!


Rae is always up for a laugh & knows how to coach and train

And I’ve head there’s nothing that Coral won’t do for a bubbly glass of


Tracy Irwin knows my numbers & will ensure the elves are paid,

I’ve got my shakes from Linda Stott so my energy levels won’t fade


Mary Rose has made me over with her skincare products for men

Now I’m ready for my photo shoot, Eleanor will sort the wide lens!


Jane Turner took the pinch out of my crunch,

While Amanda Green added life to my lunch!


Julia Sawford’s got style, have you seen her?

For Mrs Claus I might need a pashmina!


I’m fully proficient with social media now

That Tweety bird Jane Binnion has shown me how


My website’s up & running well

Thanks to Sharon Jackson, she sure is swell


The finances are in order and it wasn’t a trial

Made easy with Denise Almond’s lovely smile


Anyway must dash and see to the sleigh

My next project is blogging, Sarah Cru’s on her way!


Good Stuff Happens! The 2nd in a short series of blogs by local small traders, on their experiences of social media use.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012


Mary Rose Selman of Mary Kay Cosmetics (where you don’t have to be called Mary, but it helps).

When I started my business with Mary Kay Cosmetics it was pretty modern to have a cordless phone! Times have certainly changed and I knew that I had to embrace social media or lose the potential for new customers and connecting with my consultants via the different platforms. I was enthusiastic and clueless. I had no idea what was entailed and certainly no idea of how my business (which is entirely dependent on face to face appointments) was going to include it.

Step in Jane Binnion. In one session, shared over a cup of coffee, I was enlightened! Not only did she explain succinctly each of the major players (Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn), but she also transferred her enthusiasm and expertise.

It took time to find my feet in this brave new world. It took time to find out exactly what worked for me and what didn’t. I still find I don’t have the picture to go with the words on Facebook, my LinkedIn profile is not quite 100%, but Twitter is a revelation: fast and fun, my natural home!

Having a presence on each of these three is definitely benefiting my business. It has increased brand awareness, which brings new customers; connectivity with consultants and Directors across the globe, which fits so well with the Mary Kay ethos of community and lastly elevating the profile of Mary Kay consultants as sole traders running profitable businesses from home.

Jane has now worked with my Directors and consultants via Conference Calls. And as for me, well to my amusement Mary Kay Cosmetics UK has asked me to be one of their On Line Champions! I haven’t quite gone native yet, but I am glad I have taken the first leap into the future!

You will find Mary Rose on twitter as MaryRoseMK

Floating Ideas with Pink Link

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Pink Link H/Q – 19th March, 2012

Last week we had two network meetings scheduled. Firstly our Blackburn network which had changed to a very special venue, onboard “The Romance” canal boat, owned by Lesley Yates and her family who run the Canal Boat Cruise Company.

We are always looking for ways of improving and refreshing the service we provide to our members, so when Lesley suggested using her boat for the networking group we thought it might be a nice experience for our members.

” Floating Networking” proved a great success on Wednesday with our lady members meeting lots of new visitors. The visitors had heard about the event via social media sites such as Twitter and our facebook page, we also gained some press coverage by creating something a bit unusual and as it was different it attracted ladies who may not have come along before. So from a marketing exercise it was a great success and we gained new members at the event.

Most importantly we had to gain feedback from our existing members to ensure they were happy with the change and if this new venue would be suitable long term. After gaining feedback it has highlighted a couple of areas which we will have to adapt, but as long as we take this onboard our members are happy.

We have also been able to work collaboratively with Lesley, a member of our Chorley network by using this venue which will benefit her, us and our members.

Lisa Thomason from “Bighorse Design” printed and supplied our special signage for the entrance to the boat and I would like to say a big thank you to her as she always goes out of her way to source the right products for us and great prices. Nothing is ever to much trouble, no matter how small the job.

Our second network meeting was on Friday at Blackpool which was busy as usual. Following on from our successful “International Women’s Day” event, Lynne MacDonald who had attended this  popped in to have a look at Blackpool. Lynne had been having a week of Pink Link experiences; Thursday International Women’s Day event where she met Tracy Irwin our Furness licensee and the following day visited Tracy and her group in Barrow in Furness. There she met Helyn Connerr who had a workshop the next day which Lynne booked herself on. So when she visited Blackpool on Friday she had meet lots of Pink Link ladies and experienced a variety of events across the North West.

Lynne expressed how much she had enjoyed meeting all the ladies who were involved with Pink Link, how welcoming and friendly they all were. Also what different experiences she had compared to other events she had been too. It was fantastic to hear such an enthusiastic testimonial and especially as her positive experience was gained from far and wide across our network.

So keep up the good work ladies, welcoming, friendly and inspiring other business women and we will keep listening.


Team Pink Link