This might be your first lesson in Practical Astrology, and it’s ok to fasten your seat belt if it will make you feel more secure.

Even ordinary new information can seem quite strange, but these ideas might help you during the next few weeks, allowing you to laugh at some little annoyances or even avert a business calamity. So here goes.

Those of you who have read my book, Learning Without Tears, have discovered that the planet Mercury represents our mental dynamics: thinking, learning, writing, emailing communicating, remembering, forgetting, teaching, reading, in short everything to do with information transfer. Do you remember the ancient (but always youthful) god by the same name, Mercury, the messenger of the gods? Ok so far?

Well, here is a real zinger: the planet Mercury spends a few weeks every year appearing to move backwards in the sky! It does not really travel backwards, if it did, well good-bye solar system. This is a matter of the relative speeds of Earth and Mercury. It’s like riding on a train which overtakes a slower moving train on the next track. The slower moving train appears to be going backwards. Earth is playing the role of the faster moving train, while Mercury is the slower – just now.

And here’s another way to view this situation. Imagine that the archetypal god of communication is jogging merrily along the path, right along side you, and together you are heading down the track toward the start of an exciting new project, a new purchase, a new sale, investment or event.. But your trusted companion slackens his pace, turns around and runs off in the other direction. Oh, great!

Here are the facts. For about three weeks, three times each year, Mercury is ‘retrograde’ in the sky. Against the backdrop of the fixed stars, Mercury appears to be moving backwards. Will this signify potential problems in communication? You bet!

Research proves that some mental activities are very well suited to these periods and others are not. For example, starting new activities, posting a grant application, listing a property for sale, ordering or purchasing a new car, mobile phone or computer, sending out invitations to or actually having your business launch party, or spending your entire advertising budget are not good ideas just now. However, these three week periods are fantastic for reviewing, rereading, editing, reassessing policies and practices, reworking your website, but not uploading the new one, having another look at a contract, but not signing it. Do you get the drift? The review process will invariably bring forward something you missed the first time around, something important. But, moving forward and making decisions during the retrograde period is like an uphill battle. The decisions are apt to be reversed later on, sometimes for the good, but not usually. The appliance purchased during the retrograde never works quite right. The builders who arrive on-site during the retrograde period will mysteriously vanish without having completed the job – until some other retrograde period, off in the future.

Here are the next three periods of Mercury Retrograde:

30th March at 9:48 PM until 23rd April at 11:04 AM

3rd August at 4:50 AM until 26th August at 11:03 PM

24th November at 7:21 AM until 14th December at 1:43 AM

Do some research of your own. Allow a few extra days for post to be delivered. If your car breaks down, the problem may be much smaller than it looks. Misunderstandings abound! Consider the learning style of the other person before you speak.

Reread Learning Without Tears.

With best wishes Helyn Connerr Astro Innovation

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