Pink Link Ladies Experience


I first experienced Pink Link in Blackpool after starting my mobile spray tan business.  Amazingly, I came away from the first meeting with two bookings.  I found a lot of interesting and supportive people within the group.

My background had mainly been in finance and banking so it was a bit of a leap of faith to start spraying people.  It came about because I have never had a natural tan and was looking on line to see if there was a way of spraying myself before going on holiday.  I came across a course and decided to go on it.  What I found was that it isn’t possible to spray yourself but I did have an ability to spray others.

Spray Tanning isn’t my only business; I also saw the opportunity to build a large residual income through Utility Warehouse so when Coral and Rae decided to start a group in Chorley I joined as a peer member.  It’s alarming how quickly time seems to pass – it’s already 10 months since the launch.  I found a quite different group but equally interesting and supportive.  I’ve been able to place business with quite a few of the members.  I think I must be a serial networker because I also joined the Burnley group as it launched.

Networking has become very important to me in my businesses and unlike my skills around ‘social media’ I think I’m pretty good at it.  As long as you remember that you have to put something in before you can expect to get something out you can do well.

You can’t expect to turn up occasionally and have people fall over themselves to give you business.  It’s about building relationships and trust with others in the group and finding out what makes them and their business tick.  That’s why I am an advocate of ‘one to ones’ where you can find out more about each other.  What I like is to ask what their ideal client/customer would be and what their unique selling points are so I can make a particular effort to find business for them.  How’s this for a concept, being the one to give first!

It’s not all business though, I have enjoyed some of the social events that help you get to know people a little better and let your hair down.

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