Last year we started our Networking and Shopping Event. It was a great way to come together on a social occasion to network across our groups and buy some Christmas goodies from local retailers. It was also nice to do our bit for those children who spend their Christmas in hospital. We raised money via a raffle of prizes that had been kindly donated by our members. We asked the hospitals what would be the most useful gifts to donate and every penny raised was spent on a shopping dash to purchases toys and DVD’s.

The nurses on the wards, children and families were extremely grateful of the gifts and that we had been thinking about them at what is traditionally such a fun family time for children. So the event is repeated again this year and we will come together at Cotton Court in Preston on 18th November to enjoy networking shopping and raising some funds for the toys again.

This year’s event has been sponsored by Ribby Hall “Events and Banqueting”, who wanted to show their support to the event and donate our star prize of a six person Cottage at Ribby Hall Holiday Village.

We also have prizes donated by: Jeanette’s Florist, Holistic Harmony, Pampered Chef, Rowan Handbags, Caci Clinic, Excel Coaching, Design Fix, Aikido Shudokan , Mary Kay Cosmetics, Aggie McGuiness Photography, Cheiron Chiropractic, Canal Boat Cruise, Sweet Salsa, Ezi Pezi Online and Lancashire Wine School.  We would like to say a huge thank you to the generosity of all these local businesses for their kind donations and all of the Pink Link Ladies who have purchased Raffle tickets or who are participating in the event.

How can you help?

We would like to spread the word of how we celebrate Christmas with other businesses and spread a bit of cheer to the children. We have a Complimentary Family Ticket for the Dungeons, one of the best things to do in Blackpool. These tickets have been donated to celebrate the opening of the dungeons at Blackpool Tower please use these links to view this fantastic attraction.

It admits 2 adults and 2 children. Please RT this blog link so that other people will be encouraged to do something for the children in their local towns this Christmas. We will enter all RT’s into an exclusive Twitter draw tomorrow night and the winner will receive the tickets in the post.

Help us to spread some cheer this Christmas


Coral Horn, Pink Link Ladies

Pink Link Ladies Experience


I first experienced Pink Link in Blackpool after starting my mobile spray tan business.  Amazingly, I came away from the first meeting with two bookings.  I found a lot of interesting and supportive people within the group.

My background had mainly been in finance and banking so it was a bit of a leap of faith to start spraying people.  It came about because I have never had a natural tan and was looking on line to see if there was a way of spraying myself before going on holiday.  I came across a course and decided to go on it.  What I found was that it isn’t possible to spray yourself but I did have an ability to spray others.

Spray Tanning isn’t my only business; I also saw the opportunity to build a large residual income through Utility Warehouse so when Coral and Rae decided to start a group in Chorley I joined as a peer member.  It’s alarming how quickly time seems to pass – it’s already 10 months since the launch.  I found a quite different group but equally interesting and supportive.  I’ve been able to place business with quite a few of the members.  I think I must be a serial networker because I also joined the Burnley group as it launched.

Networking has become very important to me in my businesses and unlike my skills around ‘social media’ I think I’m pretty good at it.  As long as you remember that you have to put something in before you can expect to get something out you can do well.

You can’t expect to turn up occasionally and have people fall over themselves to give you business.  It’s about building relationships and trust with others in the group and finding out what makes them and their business tick.  That’s why I am an advocate of ‘one to ones’ where you can find out more about each other.  What I like is to ask what their ideal client/customer would be and what their unique selling points are so I can make a particular effort to find business for them.  How’s this for a concept, being the one to give first!

It’s not all business though, I have enjoyed some of the social events that help you get to know people a little better and let your hair down.


Twitter, Isaac Newton, Aikido and Life


Twitter teaches me a lesson

I had idly been aware that for the last several days (or weeks) that my number of twitter followers had remained roughly the same. Now one day I saw a follower and looked at his followers and found several that I would like to follow so I did! What happened next was that many of those I had just followed followed me back and my follower’s number increased! Amazing, you might say but you see this made me think; simple thing is, that by performing an action something that had not been happening – happened.

Isaac Newton did not have twitter but knew how to get followers

Anyone who did O level physics knows that it was Isaac Newton who said every action has an equal and opposite reaction and I think this is a lesson for us all to learn outside of it’s obvious application to physical laws. You see, I was not get new followers because I was not doing anything to get them. By taking action I started a reaction that brought me new followers. Brilliant! Now I am sure this simple lesson can be applied to many things? In business, how many companies or small businesses sit around moaning that here is no trade when maybe they should be taking some action in order to get the reaction that will bring them that trade?

Aikido is no different

In our training we often find that we have periods where little or no progress is perceived and we regularly look to find reasons or excuses as to why this might be. Rarely do we look to apply the Newtonian law and take some action to bring about the reaction we are looking for. Applying more effort, really listening to everything the instructor says or just getting the right mind set for a class are all actions that might just bring the reaction we are looking for.

A final word

Just a thought, but I wonder if this also works if we go about our daily life being polite, respectful and kind. Would this action lead to others being polite respectful and kind to  us?  Only one way to find out!!

This might be your first lesson in Practical Astrology, and it’s ok to fasten your seat belt if it will make you feel more secure.

Even ordinary new information can seem quite strange, but these ideas might help you during the next few weeks, allowing you to laugh at some little annoyances or even avert a business calamity. So here goes.

Those of you who have read my book, Learning Without Tears, have discovered that the planet Mercury represents our mental dynamics: thinking, learning, writing, emailing communicating, remembering, forgetting, teaching, reading, in short everything to do with information transfer. Do you remember the ancient (but always youthful) god by the same name, Mercury, the messenger of the gods? Ok so far?

Well, here is a real zinger: the planet Mercury spends a few weeks every year appearing to move backwards in the sky! It does not really travel backwards, if it did, well good-bye solar system. This is a matter of the relative speeds of Earth and Mercury. It’s like riding on a train which overtakes a slower moving train on the next track. The slower moving train appears to be going backwards. Earth is playing the role of the faster moving train, while Mercury is the slower – just now.

And here’s another way to view this situation. Imagine that the archetypal god of communication is jogging merrily along the path, right along side you, and together you are heading down the track toward the start of an exciting new project, a new purchase, a new sale, investment or event.. But your trusted companion slackens his pace, turns around and runs off in the other direction. Oh, great!

Here are the facts. For about three weeks, three times each year, Mercury is ‘retrograde’ in the sky. Against the backdrop of the fixed stars, Mercury appears to be moving backwards. Will this signify potential problems in communication? You bet!

Research proves that some mental activities are very well suited to these periods and others are not. For example, starting new activities, posting a grant application, listing a property for sale, ordering or purchasing a new car, mobile phone or computer, sending out invitations to or actually having your business launch party, or spending your entire advertising budget are not good ideas just now. However, these three week periods are fantastic for reviewing, rereading, editing, reassessing policies and practices, reworking your website, but not uploading the new one, having another look at a contract, but not signing it. Do you get the drift? The review process will invariably bring forward something you missed the first time around, something important. But, moving forward and making decisions during the retrograde period is like an uphill battle. The decisions are apt to be reversed later on, sometimes for the good, but not usually. The appliance purchased during the retrograde never works quite right. The builders who arrive on-site during the retrograde period will mysteriously vanish without having completed the job – until some other retrograde period, off in the future.

Here are the next three periods of Mercury Retrograde:

30th March at 9:48 PM until 23rd April at 11:04 AM

3rd August at 4:50 AM until 26th August at 11:03 PM

24th November at 7:21 AM until 14th December at 1:43 AM

Do some research of your own. Allow a few extra days for post to be delivered. If your car breaks down, the problem may be much smaller than it looks. Misunderstandings abound! Consider the learning style of the other person before you speak.

Reread Learning Without Tears.

With best wishes Helyn Connerr Astro Innovation

Pink Link Ladies Launch 2009