Online Membership Options

Established in 2009 Pink Link Ladies has earned the reputation of being one of the premier women’s networking organisations founded within the North West.

Our online directory is open to both business owners and employed women. The directory offers a platform to promote your business, its products or services to like-minded women from various industries. Through our networking opportunities women are most likely to refer your business to their customers, clients, friends and family members.

With 3 packages available you can be sure that you can select the one that’s right for you.

Why should I sign up to the online directory?
The importance of ranking in local online searches is undeniable. As already tried and tested local searches can lead to in-store visits, online enquiries and increased sales.  Therefore it’s never been more crucial for businesses to be listed online. Studies show that 4 out of 5 consumers use online search engines to find local suppliers.

By signing up to the Pink Link Ladies online directory your making the right decision to ensure that your business can be found online. Through the online directory listing you can highlight your key services and products to your audience.

Our three online directory packages have been carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the relevant inclusions for your current business needs.

How will this benefit me? We have outlined some of the key benefits to being listed within an online directory. These are;

Boost your measurable online marketing results – Just by signing up to our online directory you’ll boost your results of being found. Be sure to include a description of your business along with links to your website and social media platforms.

You’ll get ahead of the competition – The online directory is often overlooked as a marketing tool therefore just by listing in our online directory you’ll be strides ahead of many of your competitors.

Increase Web Traffic – Like a phonebook our online business directory is simply a listing of your business under a specific category. The reader clicks through to the category of choice and picks a business that appeals to them. You can use the directory to link to your website and the reader can click on your link to be directed to your website.

It’s good for your SEO – Backlinks from online directory sites can improve your SEO. For example, when a search engine sees a link from an online directory’s category site to your site you are in turn seen as a reputable company.  The next time somebody Google’s your product or service Google already ‘knows’ you’re reputable and you will have a better chance of being found within the searches in the future.

It’s cost-effective – For a one off yearly fee you can ensure that you will be found online.

Actively be promoted – In addition we support you and want you to succeed therefore we promote heavily on social media sites to drive users to the website.

If you would like to join our Online Directory? All you need to do is select from one of online directory packages below.