Welcome to Pink Link. If you want to build your network, grow your business and be part of a vibrant community of dynamic women in business you’ve come to the right place. Pink Link is a sisterhood of female entrepreneurs helping you to grow personally and professionally. Women who understand the challenges you may be facing. The Pink Link community will have your back, lift you up and cheer you on. 

Pink Link is dedicated to promoting women through business networking, conferences, an online community and the Enterprise Vision Awards. Pink Link directly impacts on business growth of female entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom and is here to help you succeed in business.

Pink-Link-Ladies-Networking-for-Women-in-Business in the UK


If you are looking for a friendly, proactive network that will help you to make authentic and meaningful connections, Pink Link is the network for you! Come and be part of a dynamic female business community that is a positive and energetic force for women who want to grow their business.

You will find women from all business sectors, all degrees of experience and ages. Women who, like you, juggle the responsibilities of modern life whilst striving to build a successful business. 

Get involved in a way that suits you. As much or as little as you want to be, as long as it benefits you and your business.

However you use our services, we want to help you to get connected and help you to achieve the success that you are looking for.

  • Source services or promote your own on the Pink Link Business Directory
  • Exhibit or attend our conferences, social events and masterclasses
  • Join one of our local networks.and be invited to be part of our online community. Visitors are welcome to come along to our business networking events.
  • Celebrate female entrepreneurship at the Enterprise Vision Awards

You will find that you can build your network, meet like-minded women who you can share knowledge and experiences and promote your business to a limitless audience. Empowered women, empower women – be part of a community that will support, encourage and motivate you to achieve more together.



Love the online meetings, so many people with such fantastic businesses here in our local area. You can connect with everyone on the online platform, add your business profile to help grow your business. I would really recommend any size business owner joins.

Michelle Thompson / Unique Homecare

I absolutely love being a member of Pink Link Ladies. They are so supportive, there lots of networking events and lots of helpful online sessions too. I would very highly recommend joining.

Gwen Backhouse / Curlew Secretarial Solutions

This last year of lock downs has been really tough on so many people and especially on entrepreneurs who have just started their businesses. Pink Link has not stopped encouraging their group of ladies or putting together a programme to keep us informed, occupied and most importantly, connected. Thank you for all the care and effort you put into ladies in business. I think you have kept us sane even if my family might not agree with me!

Kim Heubner / Brush and Tipple