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First Aid Training For Parents

Centaur Training First Aid for Parents

Author – Rose Watkins of Centaur Training If you are looking after children, knowing what to do in a medical emergency is a must. Centaur Training helps parents, grandparents, families, teachers and carers to deal with situations knowledgeably and calmly. Discover more here.

10 Ways To Grow Your Audience


Author – Jo Ogle of Little Biz Marketing Little Biz Marketing understands small business problems! Audience reach is critical to growing your business. Take a look at these 10 TOP TIPS to help GROW YOUR AUDIENCE… Read their latest blog here.  

What you resist, persists!


Author – Amanda Green of Emotional Health Coach Why you are not getting what you want… We  all have WAY more potential & mind power than we can begin to comprehend… which is WAY more exciting when we actually know how to  use it. Our beliefs create our reality but many of them are unconscious. […]

1440 minutes


Author – Bev Wood of BWD Design Ltd Would you like to have time to do everything you want to do? Bev Wood’s latest article takes a look at having more time as the kids leave home to spread their wings and how to make the most of it by managing your time by looking […]

Monday Motivation


Author – Gabby Wheatley of That’s Ideal New Monday, New Week, New Goal It’s understandable why so many of us may dislike Mondays. After a weekend of relaxing, it’s hard to find the motivation to return to the office on a Monday morning. Gabby of That’s Ideal share some great advice to get your week […]

Share Your Love for Independents


Author Sukie Woodhouse of Woodhouse Opticians During lockdown, Woodhouse Opticians was busy repairing glasses and supplying contact lenses. They also offered advice on healthcare and provided services to essential workers.  Family business, Woodhouse Opticians have been on Highfield Road in Blackpool for over 50 years. Stephen’s father started the business in 1962 and they have […]

How is Virtual Reality used in Therapy?


Author – Jenni Cairns of Breath Therapies Virtual Reality is one of the latest technologies that Breath Therapies have introduced. This will help people deal with a number of complex issues that can affect their mental and physical health and wellbeing.  As with every new technological advancement, researchers have tried and tested the implementation of […]

WARNING! Furlough Scheme Amnesty


Author – Ray Howard of QHR Solutions As the Furlough Scheme draws to a close, Ray Howard of QHR Solutions takes a look at The Finance Act 2020 and how it could affect you. The Act includes the need for employers to conduct a furlough scheme audit and report incorrect or erroneous claims to HMRC. […]

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