Monthly Archives: May 2021

T H E • A R T • OF • B R A I N • D U M P I N G

The Art of Brain Dumping by Pocket Watch Assistant

What the…is a brain dump?  It’s a way of offloading all of the thoughts in your mind onto paper! Perhaps your mind feels cluttered, and you can’t seem to find a way to the top?  Imagine trying to switch off when your mind is running around a theme park in all directions. Sit down with […]

May Charity of the Month

N-Vision is a sight loss support charity N-Vision is an independent charity that provides services and support to anyone with reduced vision in the Blackpool Fylde and Wyre area. Originally founded as Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Society for the Blind in 1910, the charity changed it’s trading name to N-Vision in 2011. Here’s a quick […]

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