Join us for a dynamic women in business event filled with activities, insights and opportunities for you and your business.


This is a high value immersive experience with workshops and activities created to enhance your personal and professional growth. From Investment to Public Speaking, Ecommerce to PR, led by industry experts, there will be a wide range of subjects to help you expand your knowledge, gain skills and discover resources to implement in your business.

Draw inspiration from our speakers; female founders, innovators, game-changers and trailblazers who will share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs as well as valuable insights and ideas.

Enjoy meaningful conversations with decision makers and powerhouses in our flexible networking sessions. Build authentic relationships, share knowledge and experiences, and explore opportunities and collaborations.


For International Women’s Day 2024 and beyond, let’s Inspire Inclusion. When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance and empowerment. The aim of the IWD 2024 #InspireInclusion campaign is to collectively forge a more inclusive world for women.


We have exclusive use of the spectacular Leighton Hall; the ancestral home of the famous Gillow furniture making family. With easy access to motorways and rail-links, Leighton Hall is nestled in stunning parkland and is an exquisite combination of history, heritage and culture with modern amenities that have been installed to the highest sustainable standards.

Delicious breakfast, lunch and afternoon cakes will be provided as well as refreshments throughout the day.


Watch this space! We’ll be announcing more Speakers, Masterclasses and Activities that you can get involved in! Check out the Media Room, Introducing sessions, Red Room conversations and more!



Francesca Barker-Mills of Coming Home, is a successful digital, data and technology professional, who at the height of her career, found herself serving a custodial sentence. Following on from her period of incarceration, she has furthered her passion for politics and social justice by championing and campaigning on behalf of women in the criminal justice system.

Advocating for reformation of sentencing guidelines, directly challenging the passing of short sentences for women whose offending behaviour is better addressed in the community. Francesca now works in the VCSE sector in a varied capacity of public speaking, digital workshops and associate work alongside advising and mentoring women returning to society from prison on how to overcome the hurdles of criminal disclosure when re-entering the job market with a digital focus. Francesca is a writer and studying a degree in Criminology.


Imagine waking up with the weight of past traumas lifted, ready to thrive with newfound confidence. This is the promise of Belief Coding®, a revolutionary healing modality pioneered by Jess Cunningham, a mother of five, entrepreneur, and TV personality. After overcoming personal hardship, Jess dedicated her life to helping others break free from fear and unlock their full potential.


It takes guts to confront major challenges, but when Caroline found out she’d have none, a new determination kicked in to take on challenges she never thought she could have done. This talk will inspire you to push your boundaries and live life to the max!  Anything is Possible!

A self-confessed couch potato, Caroline Bramwell turned to sport after having her large intestine and bowel removed and had to live with a permanent ileostomy as a result of having Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. Dispelling the medical profession’s ‘you can’t do that’ attitude Caroline has completed two 24hr cycle events (London to Paris and Newcastle to London), and now competes in all triathlon distances up to full Ironman.

With her determination to prove that life can be good with a stoma bag, her story Loo Rolls to Lycra: The Ironman Dreams of an IBD Sufferer is the epitome of the self-belief that anything is possible and she has been inspiring others around the world.

She was voted Inspirational Woman of the Year in the Venus Awards for the South West, and was voted one of the UK’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs by Cosmopolitan magazine, for the work she does through The Olden Group PR & Marketing as a PR & Marketing advisor and mentor to businesses large and small.

You will also find Caroline featured in ‘Fearless: Adventures with Extraordinary Women’ the new book by former BBC Breakfast Presenter, Louise Minchin, who approached Caroline to have an adventure with her. She is also the Ostomy Expert for Masterchef presenter, Gregg Wallace.


Maya is a Senior Legal Advocacy Caseworker for The Maggie Oliver Foundation, where she lives out her passion and mission supporting and advocating for survivors. She has been working within the field of sexual violence for over 10 years as a Trauma Specialist, Educator and Accredited Trainer.

She has used her survivor voice to successfully pave the way to changes in policies and forcing change within fractured services for better victim protection.

Maya’s passion for supporting survivors of sexual violence is driven through my lived experience as a childhood sexual abuse survivor. She gained national media attention and recognition when she waived my lifelong anonymity in September 2018, exposing the serial sexual abuse at the hands of her father, during his release from prison after serving just 6 years of his 10-year sentence.

Proudly taking the TEDx stage, numerous speaker engagements, panel involvement and giving her poignant first-hand account of surviving Child Sexual Abuse in my Channel 5 Documentary.  In 2020, she was honoured to be awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services to child victims.


Empower Your Finance: Navigating the Journey. A Panel Talk on Getting Investment Ready, Breaking Barriers, Crafting Exit Strategies, and Securing Your Financial Future
Join us as we dive into a dynamic conversation as we explore ways to get your business ready to attract investors and funding. Be inspired by female founders who have broken barriers and smashed through obstacles that might be holding you back. Discover actionable steps to prepare your exit strategy and look forward to a financially secure future!    


With over 25 years B2B experience, Heather Waters, NatWest Regional Enterprise Manager North West, is passionate about supporting enterprise and has built a wide knowledge of the enterprise ecosystem and its supporting organisations & networks both nationally and regionally.

She’s a recognised and skilled connector who builds relationships with internal & external stakeholders and has collaborated with public, private and third sector organisations. This has been key to the success of the many partnerships, pilots and programmes she has created delivered and supported. Always working to support business owners by offering events to Inform & Educate.

Supporting, guiding, championing and celebrating success has been the key driver and passion throughout her career, whether this is with entrepreneurs, with colleagues or through community projects.


Sam White is the founder and CEO of Stella Insurance, a female-centric motor insurance business that’s unapologetically led by women and designed for women. You can follow her on LinkedIn, find her as a guest co-host on BBC Radio 4’s Toast, or tune into her podcast “Human Business with Sam White” where she candidly discusses the challenges of running a business.

Having started her first company in 1999 aged just 24 in her sister’s conservatory, 20 years later she employs over 200 staff with offices in Cheadle, Cheshire, and Sydney, Australia with a turnover of over £20 million. Sam cares passionately about diversity, equality, innovation and above all, making business human. Motivated by a desire to change the insurance industry for the better, Sam is a vocal advocate for levelling the playing field for women and championing female leaders within the industry.


Delight Mapasure is an award winning entrepreneur whose most successful business, K’s Wors started on her kitchen table in 2016. It took her to Dragon’s Den in 2021 where, unfortunately, she did not get the investment. However, she turned that failure into success by gaining a listing with Costco Wholesalers UK, a retailer valued at over $240 Billion dollars in that very same year! Delight Mapasure is also a captivating storyteller, a seasoned and experienced entrepreneur, and a living testament to the power of resilience. With an unwavering spirit, Delight has emerged as a beacon of inspiration, sharing her remarkable journey as an immigrant turned entrepreneur with the world. Delight is also a mentor, resilience coach and personal branding expert.


Natalie has over 16 years working in financial services and a passion for supporting female entrepreneurs breaking down barriers to accessing finance whilst ensuring they are financially fit for the future. She is keen to help educate women in business to ensure they invest in their future and make their money work harder.

Multiple award winner recognising her passion and dedication to supporting women in business. In an eco-system covering Scotland, Northern Ireland, and The North, Natalie is a trusted connector with both internal and external relationships in the wider market.


We’ll be holding a series of networking sessions in the Tea Rooms led by these amazing women. Come and join the conversation and expand your network.


Jodie is an Executive Coach, leadership development consultant and expert in behavioural change. Her background is is corporate C-suite coaching but 10 years go she escaped the rat race to follow her passion and work specifically with women to help them smash the glass ceiling. She’s passionate about gender equity and equality, an avid feminist and a mum to 3 teenage daughters and so is on a mission to leave a legacy of accelerating our progress in the female empowerment space.

These days, she’s a no1 best selling author of Woman Up, supports the work of social enterprise – Girls Out Loud and is a serial entrepreneur as the co founder of Retreat Yourself, women’s wellbeing & personal development retreats and the curator of Womanifest™ – the UK’s biggest empowerment & wellbeing festival for women & teen girls.


Lancashire Women, a leading charity covering the whole county is approaching their 40th year ! We are open and inclusive to all women for any reason that may bring them to ‘our door’ whether due to the pressures and challenges in their lives or because they want to contribute and make an impact supporting other women. Women disproportionately experience inequality and disadvantage because of gender and for that reason we exist to enable them to have choices for their lives and to feel they can take their place in society.
Over the years we have developed expertise particularly around women’s mental health, wellbeing, money advice and employability but we do offer other services and if we don’t do what is needed then we will know someone who can!


Multi-award winner Becky, founder of Crowberry Consulting, has over 20 years’ experience as an Environmental & Sustainability Manager having worked for the Co-operative Group and English Nature previously. Becky Toal is a genuine sustainability professional a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment a Chartered Environmentalist with Society for the Environment and holds three environmental degrees. Her team has international and national experience of supporting businesses to achieve sustainability via policies, procedures, training and standards.


The Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside helps individuals and organisations give to causes that matter to them – where support is most needed and where it will have the greatest impact. They work with many businesses who hold charitable giving at their heart, helping them to develop and deliver their ESG strategy. With a particular focus on social and community impact, this ensures businesses are able to evidence the impact they are making.

Now, more than ever, investors, customers, employees and suppliers are looking to work with businesses who share their values and are committed to making a difference, demonstrating strong ESG and B-Corp credentials. It’s no longer just about profit. The additional benefits of committing to the development of a robust ESG strategy are many, including improved customer loyalty, competitive advantage, financial performance, and enhanced recruitment and retention. Rae will show you that, not only will you be making a real difference to those who need it most, you will also be benefitting your business.


Dawn Bramwell’s books are described as transformational novels for adults and older children using spiritual and magical themes that take you on a journey of self discovery through the adventures of her characters.

She wrote her first novel aged 19 whilst bedridden with ME/ CFS. Writing has always been a passion of hers and it helped her through decades of ill health, whilst juggling a family life and part time work. A prolific writer, she self published A New Year For Eve, followed by a children’s novel (one of a trilogy ) Guardian Of The Valley and adult romantic thriller, White Wolf Within. With more books written and waiting to be published she is currently working on a sequel to A New Year For Eve.

She regained her health through cellular exercise sessions and juggles her first passion as a writer with being a PEMFiT Pulse Professional based in Lancaster.

Her writing is funny, heart-breaking at times, sensual, occasionally very dark, but ultimately uplifting and empowering. 


Breaking the Sound Barrier – A thought provoking interactive Deaf awareness session, delivered by Debra Cartlidge CEO and Deborah Blades Head of Business Development and Operations of the multi award winning Deaf Village North West. You will leave the session with a new found understanding of how Deaf people navigate life in a hearing world.


This is an opportunity to meet the makers – artisan businesses showcasing their products! Contact us for more details.


We’re holding a series of workshops in the Studio – take some time out for yourself and recharge your batteries!


Get Creative with Helen Taylor and join in a relaxing ‘Glazey Days’ Pottery Painting Session! This therapeutic activity will help you focus your mind on the present moment and lose track of time, setting you up for the rest of the fun filled day.

Paint your own Plant Pot on the day and it will then be posted back to you, once fired in the Glazey Days kiln! Helen has years of experience and is bursting with ideas to help you with your design or follow the stylish example piece on display.

Create a unique piece, connect with like-minded women and have some fun at the same time!

LIN PETRY – Nutritionist

Have you lost your sparkle? Low energy levels, misbehaving gut or a confusing hormone balance? Then let’s talk about how simple nutrition choices can be a powerful tool to help you feel and perform your best!

In this Fascinating Hormones session with LinPetryNutrition we will talk about why Gut Health is so important for Hormone Balance in women of all ages, especially if you have a busy professional and personal life. This workshop focuses on how to tune into your gut feeling. We will look at how hormones work, why they can affect our health. A few hands-on exercises will help you then unpick your basic eating habits. You will walk away with practical key nutrition tips you can fit into your busy life to look after your gut, support your hormone balance and boost energy levels.

The session starts with a special welcome drink and offers a great opportunity to ask about nutrition topics you are interested in, so please feel free to bring along your questions.

Lin Petry – MSc mBANT rCNHC – is a registered Functional Nutrition Practitioner with a passion for evidence based practical real food solutions to improve health.


Amanda Green is a Spiritual Director & Transformation Coach. Her rollercoaster personal journey of transformation has taken her from being a sceptic of spirituality to experiencing an awakening and developing psychic ability!

In this engaging and empowering session, Amanda will guide you through meditation & more. You will be invited to go beyond your current belief system to discover the truth of your spiritual power.

Your Heart is the channel for divine love and abundance to flow through. When this area is blocked, which typically occurs through conditioning & beliefs based in lack, scarcity, limitation, emotional suppression, and feelings of not being good enough, it creates a barrier to the infinite flow. Let Amanda be your guide to unlocking your spiritual power through your channel of love. Heart Energy Activates Radical Transformation.



From chaos to clarity – taking ownership of your journey….
Do you struggle with juggling an endless to-do list and many responsibilities? Do you say yes when you mean no? Do you have a tendency to over-deliver, over-give, people please and ignore your own needs instead of setting healthy boundaries?

Many women experience expectations and pressure in their personal and professional lives and can struggle to set healthy boundaries.

Boundaries are your preferences, limits, deal breakers and non-negotiables. They’re your own personal rules of engagement. When you set boundaries you let other people know what’s okay with you and what is not okay with you. 

In this masterclass discover what healthy boundaries can look like, and what the outcome of healthy boundaries can mean for YOU.

Ann Elisabeth Seach is a Senior Practitioner Coach and Business Mentor. She is the co-founder and director of Liberty360 ltd, incorporating Liberty Coaching and Consulting, TechwriterUK and Ann and Neil Design (AND).

Intellectual Property Office


An understanding of Intellectual Property and how to protect it is essential to all business owners. Whether you are starting out in business, have an existing business, created a new product or brand you need to protect your IP. The team from the Intellectual Property Office will be on hand to answer your questions.

Most successful businesses, large or small, are built on well managed intangible assets like intellectual property (IP). Businesses create and use IP all the time, perhaps without realising it. Whether it is the name of your company, the content of your website, logo, photographs… the value of IP can far outweigh the value of your physical assets. Participants will gain a good understanding of trade marks, patents, copyright and designs and experts will be available to offer advice and support.


If you are a business owner who is responsible for bringing in the sales and feel that you are not making the money you had hoped for when you set up your business, you know you are capable of more but are not sure what is happening, then this is for you!

Delivered by Helen Tebay, The Sales Lady, this is a highly actionable masterclass where we will go through the 4 x main reasons why your sales are not growing, what is happening, why this happens and the exact steps you need to take to change and shift towards increased, repeatable sales. “I am a big believer that when selling feels like you can do it over and over again, it puts you back in control of your ability to increase the revenue that you can make in your business.” This masterclass will highlight the fundamentals that need to be in play for that to happen for you and give you actionable tips for you to put into place straight away.


With the 2024 awards season wide open, now is your chance to grab 2024 by the horns and get recognition you’re due. In this session, you’ll discover: 

  • the main thing holding fabulous female entrepreneurs back from award success (and how you can overcome it)
  • the 3 things often overlooked when it comes to writing your entry and what you or your team could be doing right now to increase your chances to be shortlisted
  • the mindset shifts needed to not just survive but thrive through awards.

Debbie Tilley Award Strategist & Writer launched her award-writing business in 2022 to combine work history ranging from corporate accountancy to copywriting (with a bit of teaching of monks in between). Now, she helps female entrepreneurs get the recognition they deserve and skyrocket business to greater awareness, greater success and greater IMPACT. With a 97% success rate of getting her clients shortlisted in 2023, she wants to help YOU to win.



Lucy West, Head of ITV News Granada Reports and winner of two BAFTAS is committed to gender parity for women in broadcasting. With decades of experience in broadcast media for both the BBC and ITV, Lucy is an award winning journalist having won numerous awards for her coverage of John Darwin, the Canoe man, Raoul Moat who sparked Britain’s biggest manhunt and the death of Sir Bobby Robson. She won her first BAFTA for ITV News for their coverage of the Cumbria Shootings in 2011 and went on to win another BAFTA for Granada’s coverage of Hillsborough in 2013.

She will be holding three Confidence on Camera sessions and is inviting all woman with a voice to step forward. In each session, 8 women will have the opportunity to create a mock interview. Learn how to overcome your shyness, speak to camera naturally and sound authoritative and passionate about your subject. Gain core skills in presenting to camera which are ideal for mainstream TV, social media & video presenting. Learn how to make a lasting impression and appear confident and successful on screen. This is an opportunity to become an expert voice, commentator or protagonist.


Jennie is a former financial services professional, specialising in Investor Relations and Business Development across Canada, USA, U.K. and EMEA. Exhausted with sugar coated content and a desire to help people in their healing, Jennie created the ‘Why Are We Whispering?’ Podcast. She puts a megaphone to the mouth of our shame, trauma, discomfort and embarrassment around experiences, behaviours, thoughts and feelings that most of us share in common, but can’t bring ourselves to say out loud. She launched the podcast, as she likes to say, “because life is hard, ugly and painful, and it’s like that for all of us – so let’s stop whispering!”.

Jennie is also the creator and author of ‘Howie Blend Playdate Adventures with Family and Friends‘, which highlights all of the wonderful ways you can have  blended and diverse families; providing children with a real life depiction of what they actually see in their everyday lives. Jennie is a step mum to two beautiful kids and wife to Sam White, Founder and CEO of both Stella Insurance and Freedom Group. 


Nicola Adam, Editor in Chief (North) for National World Publishing leads editors of big city titles across the north plus newer online startup titles Newcastle World, Manchester World and Liverpool World.

A journalist for more than 20 years, she has held multiple roles as reporter including her specialism – crime – and is an award-winning columnist/opinion writer. Nicola can frequently be heard across radio and TV, often advocating for the north, from Radio 4, 5ive Live, and Times Radio to Talk TV and frequently hosts round tables and events. She has written, produced and presented a number of news/true crime documentaries for Freeview channel Shots TV, ITN for a documentary for Channel 5 and Sky Max featuring alongside Nish Kumar and Josh Widdecombe in a not-so serious representation of her then role as Editor of Blackpool Gazette in Hold the front page. She supports authors and journalists via her free Substack newsletter Write Reject Repeat and will talk to some of the best authors in the business on upcoming National World podcast BOOKY.

But what does Nicola really do? She leads and manages people, budgets, ideas, innovation and change and fights for business survival – just like all of you. She will talk about the realities of the news business, how to be seen, and tips for engaging positively with the media. 


  • timings may be subject to slight change


Crowberry Consulting offers services dedicated to sustainability management including auditing, training and consultancy. The team offer online training available 24/7 via the website on a range of subjects linked to sustainability.  Founder, Becky Toal trained as an Environmental Auditor, Becky is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management (IEMA) and holds degrees in Environmental Management (MBA), Environmental Impact Assessment (MSc) and Ecology (BSc). She is a Lead Auditor to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 20121 and is a registered Ethical Auditor with SEDEX and RJC. The team will be on hand to help you with all your sustainability questions.

Porsche Centre South Lakes, offering an enhanced experience for Porsche enthusiasts. Our 3-acre facility features an expanded showroom, a state-of-the-art workshop, and a dedicated handover bay. With over six decades of Parker family service, our team is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Visit us to explore the latest Porsche models, benefit from our expert vehicle technicians, and enjoy the comfort of our Café Bar and children’s area. Contact us today to be a part of the legacy that has been serving customers’ Porsche requirements since 1957. Call 01524 911911 or email info@porschesouthlakes.co.uk.



Tea, Coffee, Orange Juice and sparkling water and tap water


Breakfast Buns – bacon, pork sausage and vegan sausage be available. Sauces, platters of fruit.


Hot Bowl Food: Meat Chilli Con Carne with Nachos and grated cheese, Vegan Chilli Con Carne with no mushrooms or cheese, Chicken Casserole, Vegan Stroganoff
Served with rice and / or potatoes

Cheese Board – Cheese biscuits ready assembled for guests to pick up and a selection of small cream scones and small cream cakes as an alternative and a fruit platter. 

Afternoon Cakes

Selection of cakes – lemon drizzle, chocolate flapjack, coffee & walnut, millionaire shortbread, buttered tea loaf, cream scones


Please note that wheelchair access is available to most parts of Leighton Hall – please let us know your needs in advance so we can ensure you have a fantastic day. The Studio is accessed via the entrance at the rear of the building – you will need to go around the outside of the building to access. Unfortunately the Tea Room has limited wheelchair access.

Ask about our Affiliate Scheme!



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