Pink Link connects women in business – but it’s much more than that! It helps you to build a proactive network of meaningful and authentic relationships. 

The Pink Link community of like-minded women supports and encourages you. If you have a wobble they will help you to your feet. If you have a win, they’ll join you in celebrating the news. They will spread the word about your brand and help other people to find your business. Give us a call on 01772 348309 to find out more.



I started Pink Link in 2009 and have never looked back. After a corporate career, I was fed up of suits and dark colours. Firstly, it was refreshing to add a splash of colour to my life. Fuchsia pink! I’ve since found out that this shade of pink is a quantum colour. It relates to stimulating and forming relationships! 

Secondly, it gave me the chance to do something I absolutely love. Helping women to flourish in their businesses.

Pink Link was created to provide women with a group where they could come along to talk. They could make contacts and find ways to grow their business. Many women I knew had been put off networking. Events that they had attended were male-dominated and often intimidating. Pink Link provided a safe, inclusive and positive space to do business. Regardless of whether they were a mum returning to work after maternity, starting a new business or representing a long-established business. They were all assured of a warm welcome. As the months went by, more and more women joined us on a journey of discovery and encouragement. As a result, the Pink Link business network grew. Most importantly, the members were able to connect with thousands of like-minded women.

Over a decade later, some of our original members are still with us. We have added more local groups, introduced regional business events and the Enterprise Vision Awards. We have more fantastic plans in the pipeline! Come along and discover how to add some pinktastic magic to your life!

Coral Horn

Founder of Pink Link