Admin isn’t a Profession?

Admin isn't a profession by the Pocket Watch Assistant

When people say this – it enrages me inside!

Why would you want to work for yourself – doing something as simple as Admin?  How can you possibly be a self-employed Assistant?  Are you for real?!

Can you honestly say that you have never had to deal with someone who has some format of Admin requirement?

Let me tell you something!  What I do is the glue, the backbone that has held businesses and people together.  It is an essential element and contributor to ANY successful business.

Being organised and looking after people and their businesses runs through the blood and I have spent the last 20 years working within this PROFESSION.

Yet there is still a perception that it is not a profession?  What would the world look like without people like us in it?  The dedication we have when it comes to assisting entrepreneurs in the growth and success of their businesses!

I think the world would be in chaos without people like us…

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