Aries – Everything You Need To Know

Aries has a conscious and unconscious relationship with love, drive, and passion embodied in their pursuits, creating the freewill behind the actions they consider important.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and leads us into a new astrological year. With the Aries “I am” approach to life, there is the youthful energy of Spring. Aries does not want to be bound by structure. Their only rule is to feel passion, express freewill and show the art of decisiveness. So, let’s explore further.

The Personality of an Aries, Explained

Aries has a conscious and unconscious relationship with love, drive, and passion. This is embodied in their pursuits. Creating the will behind the actions that they consider important. Aries understand the importance of reaction. They always feel they are called to energetically serve their needs. Whether gaining more understanding within the search of knowledge or defending what they believe is their truth. Aries understand that our heart may feel one way. However, the drive that stirs within our desires can feel another.

They may not feel the same, and in an instance, they can decide which will lead. Mars, the ruling planet for Aries, is known as the red planet. Even the colour red associated with Mars often signifies heat and passion fuel emotions. All in their opposing extremes. Love, passion, desire can become strength, power, danger and war. The colour red enhances our metabolism, increasing our respiration rate, raising our blood pressure. Mars, who was observed as the God of war in ancient mythology, would practice a power mindset, rejecting anything regarded as weak. The entity goes into the battle with no mind on anything other than having the upper hand and winning. In another sense, Mars can be regarded as an influential and powerful strategic military leader. Skilled in the art of war, having the ultimate plan to defeat the enemy.

How To Attract An Aries

For Aries, there is an importance of having those who are like-minded around them. They like it when those around them create definitive plans, and in those plans, their voice must be heard. Aries love a relationship where their energy is highly appreciated, where there is room for their assertiveness and expression, and where the air is filled with a sense of purpose. They would like a renewal of heat in love where there is a discovery of new concepts of love, adding to their outlook for following their heart’s desire.

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