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How to overcome social media business hell!

Being on social media for your business can come with it’s own hell hole of anxiety. Thoughts being… I shouldn’t be here I’m not good enough Having knockbacks and making mistakes Not having a scooby clue about what to go on about Life would be a whole lot easier if I was just employed How […]

How many cogs does your business have?

Every business has a cog or two! There is no way a business can run without any cogs in it at all now is there! I put my hands up and admit that there is not a chance my business would still be running now without: My own sheer determination, even during those days I’ve […]

Is being organised a skill or an obsession?

I have spent the last 30+ years being organised for work and personal life. Did you know that: You are more productive with systems in place Multitasking is a skill, but it’s not the most efficient way of doing things Plans can go out of the window, no matter how damn hard you try to […]


How is your diary management?  Are you able to keep on top of it, or is it a complete mess? Does this sound familiar? Forever late for meetings/appointments? Have a habit of missing meetings/appointments? People turn up to see you and you have to wing it because you forgot they were coming? Agree to something […]

How do you manage your time?

Time are you crazy – you don’t have time to manage your time?  You’re not alone! Time is one of the biggest pain points within running a business Running your own business is super hard!  A juggling act becomes a normal routine You often feel like there are not enough hours in the day! The […]

Get your business organised before you finish for Christmas!

Did you catch my earlier Blog about the Christmas to-do, well guess what!  Now it’s time to talk about your business to-do ahead of Christmas. It’s time to be realistic, there are only a few weeks until many of us down tools and take a well-deserved break. But that might be making you feel a […]

Are you a procrastinator? Check out these TIPS…

// TIPS FOR AVOIDING PROCRASTINATION Let’s face it we’ve all been there, haven’t we! Firstly, don’t ever think you’re being lazy…you’re not! Procrastination is an obstacle, it can be a hurdle in the way of your full potential. But what is it? Basically, it means you might put off doing something you need to do […]

Get organised for Christmas

So I hate to break the news, but Christmas is on the way, guys! The advent calendar may start counting down from December, but it’s time to prepare now.  The preparation for Christmas can be totally overwhelming, the never-ending stressful to-do list! Maybe you’re juggling your business to-do list, so why not throw the Christmas to-do […]

All the hats you wear running a business!

All the hats you wear running a business!

YOUR BUSINESS GREW When you first started out – things seemed pretty straight forward right? But, then you developed and grew your business? Before you knew it, you were: – The Founder – The Director – The Accountant – The Marketing Manager – The Project Manager and Coordinator – The Site Foreman – The Social […]

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