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Beats and Baking with Elissa Corrigan

Tuesday 21 April at 11am

Marrying her two loves – music and cooking – Elissa created ‘beats and baking’ – a live cook-a-long where you can mix music and food in perfect harmony.

In a bid to keep everyone trim, healthy, and their immune system boosted Elissa will be demonstrating how to make some healthy sweet treats everyone can enjoy.

She’ll also be showing you how to make a show stopping dish out of very basic ingredients. Budget-friendly food worth boasting about.

Elissa has had first hand experience of a weight loss transformation and knows exactly what it feels like to be a young woman facing the pressures of today’s society.

With this in mind, she decided to create The Life Lab, to help others along their journey and dispel any modern myths about fad diets and weight loss.

In 2019 it was her determination, strong attitude and ‘never quit’ mentality which made her apply and successfully complete for the most arduous reality show in existence – Treasure Island with Bear Grylls. Before taking on a brutal barefoot run and The Great Wall of China.

All her painful self development has been to help and inspire other people by assisting them achieve their goals, transforming their mindsets, get them believing in themselves and continue to support their lives for the better.

You’ll admire her dedicated, no BS, no non-sense approach to health, fitness and beauty. She’s also the go-to woman for healthy recipes and a killer skincare routine.