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The Blackpool network was the first Pink Link group and was launched in September 2009. Some of the original members are still members at this network! We welcome new members on a regular basis and the group continues to be one of our busiest in the network.

Known as the Las Vegas of the North, Blackpool is a vibrant place to do business. The council’s business enterprise portal, Blackpool Unlimited, works closely with Pink Link Blackpool’s members and offers advice and resources to help businesses to grow. Meetings are held once a month on a Friday morning which is a perfect way to welcome the weekend.

Pink Link brings together women from all sectors to grow their network and build genuine relationships. As well as the online meetings, members are invited to join a busy online network to share tips, knowledge and experiences. There are plenty of opportunities to explore business opportunities and collaborations. Come and promote your business and expand awareness of your brand. Meet women who understand your challenges – and often have answers and solutions! Whether you are a start-up or have been established for years, you are guaranteed a warm welcome!

At each meeting, we offer everyone the chance to talk about their business with a 60 second pitch. This is a quick, informal way to say who you are, what you do and what you are looking for.

Our low cost membership is a great way to build your business. Join as a Member or come along on a pay as you go basis. Book a first free visit to see what being part of Pink Link can do for you and your business. To join us at our monthly Blackpool networking meetings, book below.

Event Itinerary


Join in the meeting and say hello.


Updates on Pink Link business/events/the EVAS etc


Introductions from each attendee; Who you are, What it is you are looking for, Shout outs for help.


10 minute presentation from Peer member


Time for sharing and exploring ideas

Pink Link Blackpool Peer Presentation by

Blackpool and The Fylde College


Get in touch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does networking mean in business?

To network for your business is a way of marketing your business and gaining new connections who may provide services that are of interest to you or others in your network whilst raising the awareness of your business and its services.

Q: Why have a women's network?

As with many organisations and communities we can feel at ease when we are with people that have the same challenges, share the same goals and are able to discuss them without fear of judgement. Female only networking provides an environment where women feel comfortable, able to speak openly and feel understood.

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