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The truth behind online ticketing fees

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to ticket an event online, it’s near certain you’ve [...]

The Importance of Cash Flow for Your Business’s Health

What Can Cash Flow Predict About Your Business’s Health? As a business owner, you know [...]

Clarifying Journal Entries: Understanding Their Importance and Impact on Your Business

Journal Entries: The WHY and the WHEN they are required Did you know that in [...]

AI in Bookkeeping

Do I Need a Bookkeeper in the age of AI ? Imagine a future where [...]

What is Business Banking?

I’m fine as I am, thanks Helen There are plenty of small start-ups still wrangling [...]

Who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contacts?

Have you ever wondered who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contacts if they were created as [...]

I’ve got Xero, I don’t need an Accountant

Hands up if you, as a Bookkeeper or Accountant, have been told that you no [...]

Reflecting on Relationships

Amanda Green is committed to reflective practice. She takes a look at Mercury Retrograde: Reflections & Relationships! Read her blog here.

What Is Business Banking?

Queen Accountancy discusses whether you should have a business banking account, or not. Read more here.

AI in Bookkeeping

Will anyone still need a human bookkeeper in this rapidly evolving landscape? Helen Queen takes a deep dive into the subject. Read more here

How To Market An Event In 2024: The Complete Guide

Trybooking UK has produced an online guide How To Market An Event In 2024 – read their blog for more information here.

I’ve got Xero, I don’t need a Bookkeeper

Is accountancy another sector being replaced by automation and software systems? Helen Queen of Queen Accountancy says no – Read more here.

Who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contacts?

Have you ever wondered who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contacts if they were created as a result of their employment? A must read here

The Power of a Year End Review

Helen Queen discusses the importance of taking stock of your achievements and fails to help plan the year ahead. Read more here

Choosing the Right Virtual Bookkeeper

Queen Accountancy take a non bias look at the options available for virtual bookkeepers. Read more here.

Mastering Event Promotion on LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide

Kathryn Hulse at shares their comprehensive guide on how to master event promotion on LinkedIn. A must read for event planners.

Top Ten Tips to Make Your Exhibition Stand Stand Out

As veterans of the exhibition world, at, we like to think we know a thing or two attracting visitors to your stall and engaging with them. Learn more here

Boost Your Profits with Professional Bookkeeping – Discover How Now

As a business owner, you may view bookkeeping as just another expense. But what if we told you that it’s not just about spending money wisely, but actually making more of it? Helen Queen spills the beans!

Useful Accounting Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Growing your small business is no easy feat, but great accounting practices can make a world of difference, Helen Queen shares

Maximizing Efficiency: 6 Tips to Keep Your Business Lean and Competitive in 2024

As a business owner, you know that a lean business model is vital for success and longevity. Helen Queen shares top tips here

5 Impactful Ways Women Can Collaborate in Business

Collaboration is a powerful driver of success for businesses! For women in particular, it presents a powerful avenue to share resources to propel their ventures to new heights. Discover more here

Directors Loan Account

What is a Director’s Loan? And what does it mean for your business? Helen Queen explains all here

Unleashing the Power of AI in Marketing

Lisa Jackson takes a look at 5 Game-Changing Reasons to Dive In to AI – The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and the integration of artificial intelligence into marketing strategies, read more here

Ready to be Your Own Boss

Congratulations on considering starting your own business! With this decision, you have the power to call the shots and be your own boss. Read Helen Queen’s blog here

10 Strategies To Overcome Impostor Syndrome!

If you or someone you know has struggled with this, it could mean you’re perfectly normal (whatever normal is)! Find out more here

Top 10 Lifestyle Hacks for Women in Business

How often do you find yourself wishing for more hours in the day? One or two more days in the week. Discover how you can gain more time here

Courage, Warrior, Inner Fire!

Last week I spoke about Courage at one of my networks. I have expanded it into a short blog so you can explore (if you wish) your relationship to Courage, your Fire and Inner Warrior! Read more here.

Overthinking Much…?!

Well, what if you are exactly where you are supposed to be? What if there is a message being given to you, through this pattern, that will ultimately transform you? Discover more with Amanda Green.

Southport Marketing Agency Wins in Global Awards

Merseyside marketing agency Hatter’s Digital Agency has landed the title of “Digital Marketing Agency of the Year” in the Corporate Livewire Global Awards 23/24. Read more here

We were green but tough and that’s what counted!

Read the final chapter in the Kilimanjaro Diaries with Coral Horn for the Prince’s Trust Women Supporting Women campaign Click here to read.

Manipulation, Control and Seduction is Not Love

Warning – this blog touches core truths. It does not assign blame, but it is deep. That’s how I roll. Read Amanda Green’s blog here.

Mixed mortgage signals this summer!

Amanda Warnock of Fylde Mortgages talks about what’s in store for mortages this summer. Click here to find out more.

The Mt Kilimanjaro Diaries – Part 1

Discover the life changing moments that led Coral Horn to make the momentous decision to climb Mt Kilimanjaro here

Shady as Fiddlesticks – 6 Tips for Checking the Credibility of Business Awards

Debbie Tilley, Award Strategist and Writer share her tips on making sure you’re not wasting valuable time on sham awards. Click here to read.

Press Release Inspirational Speakers Announced

Inspirational Speakers Announced for Pink Link International Women’s Day Conference – Read all about them here

Blue Skies welcomes new patron

Alfie Boe is the new patron of Blue skies Hospitals Fund. – Read all about it here

Divorcing? You need to know about Pensions

Make sure that you are financially sound with this pension advice for women going through a divorce by Liz Beavis at FMB here

Press Release New Venues for Pink Link Cumbria

As the new year starts Pink Link women in business network is holding a series of monthly face to face events at two fabulous new venues. Read all about it here

What is PR and how to do it?

Confused about what PR is and how you can use it in your business? Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing explains all – Read her blog here

How to make social media less stressful?  

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares ideas to get your message out there, show off your products and services, help you reach new audiences and sell stuff too. Read more here.

How would you market my business?

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing is often asked ‘How would you market my business. She shares a few things you need to know to be able to help you determine that next step in how you can market your business. Read her blog here

5 Top Tips Attending An Event

To help you make the most of your experience as an attendee at a Pink Link event we’ve put together our top 5 tips: Read more here.

Networking: Some benefits & top tips to make you a networking pro!

Gwen Backhouse of Curlew Secretarial Solutions is an expert networker! She shares the benefits of networking and her top tips to make you a networking pro. Read more here.

How to find your voice on social media in 2022

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing helps businesses to get noticed and share their story by using social media. Read Lisa’s blog

How to Market your event in 2022

Trybooking UK is the go-to ticketing platform for events. Whether you’re holding a school fair, charity ball, conference or festival, Joan and the team share their top tips to reach the widest audience. Discover more here 

Should you be Marketing During a Recession?

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing talks about the three top things you can be doing to market your business during a recession – you might be surprised at how easy – and important they are. Read more here.

How to hire a Marketing Consultant in the UK

Thinking about hiring a Marketing Consultant? In her latest blog, Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing gives you a few pointers in how to hire a marketing consultant in the UK. Read Lisa’s blog

Why it’s important to grow your brand loyalty 

Establishing a business is hard, Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares the importance of growing your brand loyalty in her latest blog. You can find out more, here

How To Get Visible Online

Quite often businesses get so laser focused on social media marketing that they forget about other forms of marketing that can be just as effective – if not more effective if used in the right way. Discover more here 

What is the most effective type of marketing? 

Lisa Jackson of Acorn marketing discusses marketing and a few things to consider when those marketing opportunities crop up. Read Lisa’s blog, here

How to come up with ideas for Reels or TikToks 

Tiktoks and reels are becoming increasingly popular. They are one of the best ways that you can promote your business! Get some inspiration in Lisa Jackson’s latest blog, here

Online Networking With Pink Link

Online networking, the advantages and disadvantages. Having the choice between online & face to face networking gives you the best of both worlds. Have a read & join the conversation.

How to avoid social media burnout  

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing, Shares ‘How to avoid social media burnout’. Find out how you can use your social media without it taking over your life, here

How to overcome social media business hell!

Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant, talks about the hell hole of anxiety that can come with social media. Have a read through Tracey’s tips in her latest blog, here

Why saving passwords in your internet browser is a bad idea.

Gwen Backhouse of Curlew Secretarial Solutions shares her take on password managers and the best way to keep your important passwords safe. Read more, here

How to use video in your social media marketing

Thinking about adding video to your social media marketing? Lisa Jackson shares her useful tips to help you along the way. Read her blog, here

What to do when your marketing isn’t working

Lisa Jackson shares some things that you may want to consider when your marketing isn’t working out. Find out more in her latest blog, here

My top 3 marketing campaigns

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing, proudly shares some of her effective campaigns that she has worked on. Read her blog, here

Can a business survive without marketing?

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing writes about the subject “can business survive without marketing”. Read Lisa’s thoughts, here

How can I do marketing for my business

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares her useful marketing tips and tricks to help make marketing your business a breeze. Read her blog, here

How many cogs does your business have?

Tracey Robinson of Pocket Watch Assistant shares all of the important ‘cogs’ that work together to make her business a success! Read more in her latest blog, here

11 Secrets of Successful Fundraisers

Joan Lind of TryBooking shares her must read blog for anyone who is organising charity events. Read her blog, here

Why is Marketing Important For Business?

How you market your business often determines who successful you will be. Lisa Jackson shares the importance of marketing for your business. Read Lisa’s blog, here

Back to Basics with Business Marketing

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing talks about the key elements involved in marketing goods or services. Find out all about the marketing mix in her latest blog, here

What is a Marketing Strategy & Do I Need One?

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares some of the key things you need to know to help you start plotting out a marketing strategy for your business. Read more here

Is Being Organised a Skill or an Obsession?

Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant, talks about organisation! Is it a skill or an obsession? Read Tracey’s thought is her latest blog, here

How To Write A Blog That People Read

In this latest Pink Link Blog, we share our game changing tips to make blog writing a breeze. Read our blog, here

Feel The Love This Galentine’s Day

Happy Galentine’s Day! In this latest Pink Link blog, we talk about Galentine’s Day and ways that women in business can share the love to help empower each other. Read our blog here


Tracey Robinson, The Pocket Watch Assistant, shares her useful tips to help you manage your diary. Find out how to get organised here 

How To Plan Your Social Media

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares some of her useful steps to plan your social media and help make the process easier. Read her blog here

Presence – Leadership Skill For Life

Amanda Green shares her top tip to access Presence. Presence has become increasingly challenging to access in the modern world. Read Amanda’s blog and access your presence

The Truth About Relationships

 Do you want to build a better relationship in your personal – and your business – life? Read this blog to discover more here.

Dear Anxiety, Thank You!

Amanda Green, Emotional Health Coach for entrepreneurs shares her letter to herself about anxiety and how it can be a positive energy. Read more here.

Get Your Business Organised Before You Finish for Christmas!

Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant, shares her fantastic business to-do list and tips for the run-up to Christmas! You can find Tracey’s blog here 

2021 Pink Link Christmas Regional

The 2021 Pink Link Christmas Regional was a fantastic day. You can read more and view the photo gallery here

Making Social Media Less Stressful

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares some of her top tips on how you can make social media less stressful. You can read Lisa’s blog here 

How to Create a Marketing Strategy

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares great tips and advice to help you to successfully create a marketing strategy. Discover more here


Get Organised for Christmas

Tracey Robinson shares some fabulously festive tips to help you get organised and prepared for Christmas. Read her blog here

Top 10 Tips for Exhibitors

Whether it is your first time exhibiting or your hundredth, these tips will help you to get the most out of your exhibition. Read this Pink Link blog here 

How to Get More Engagement on Social Media?

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing shares great tips and advice to help you improve your social media engagement. Discover more here.

Business Awards Are Great For Business

Whether you are a business owner or represent an organisation, winning a business award will be great for you and your business. Discover more here

All the hats you wear running a business!

Running your own business means that you are the IT department, bookkeeper, sales manager, marketing manager, cleaner… find out more here.

Never-ending phone calls!

How many calls do you take or make that interfere with your day? Having a bunch of calls to make does not sound like fun! Tracey Robinson can help you manage your calls.

Secrets To Emotional Health

A Guide To Emotional Health. Meet Amanda Green, an Emotional Health Coach Expert, learn her secrets to emotional health. | Podcast Ep39

Employee Access To Data

If your staff aren’t correctly trained in data protection it could end up costing you thousands of £s in fines. Discover more here.

How do you handle your Emails?

Do you dream of an organised in-box? Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant shares her tips and tools to make it happen here

How to find a Virtual Assistant

Deciding that you want to take on a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a big step in growing your business and can be quite a daunting prospect. Curlew Secretarial Solutions explains more.

All the hats you wear running a business!

When you first started out – things seemed pretty straight forward right? But, then you developed and grew your business? Read the Pocket Watch Assistant blog here

Money Matters

Hands up those of you who don’t have money worries? We asked our members for their top tips for financial wellbeing here

The Art of Brain Dumping

What the…is a brain dump?  It’s a way of offloading all of the thoughts in your mind onto paper! Read about it here.

Stripping Off On The Sofa

Coral Horn, founder of Pink Link shares her ‘go to’ healthy fixes and treatments that are helping her manage the big M. Read about it here.

D I G I T A L • D E T O X

Are you trapped by endless amounts of screen time? Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant shares her tips for starting a digital detox – read her blog here.

The Best Landlord

Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant shares what makes a great landlord. If your a landlord, you don’t want to miss this.

My Financial Planner is Awesome

Finding the right Financial Planner is essential for your financial wellbeing, read Ruth Power’s blog here 

Death, Sex, Control and Power!

Amanda Green explains the Pink Supermoon Full Moon in Scorpio and how it can affect your life. Read more here.

How To Avoid Burnout

As we emerge from lockdown it will be all too easy to fall back into bad habits. Read Gwen Backhouse of Curlew Secretarial Solutions blog to help you avoid burnout here

Y A C K • A S B E S T O S…

Tracey Robinson is a VA specialising in Property Management and Development. She shares 10 reasons why you need an asbestos survey here

April, Charity of the Month

Carer Support South Lakes is the Pink Link Charity of the Month. Read their blog to find out more about what they do and to see how you can get involved.

Anger Has A Purpose

The next time you feel guilty for losing your temper, stop – take a moment to read Amanda Green’s blog. It might be just the read you need.

Top Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Last month, we asked our Pink Link Members to let us know their thoughts on social media. In particular, the Do’s and Don’ts of social media, find out what they said here.


Beat that Procrastination

Procrastination can limit your long-term success, Gwen Backhouse of Curlew Secretarial Solutions helps you to stay focused and get the job done in her latest blog

Wear Sunscreen! A lesson in money

Ruth Power of the Financial Management Bureau shares her thoughts on the importance of wearing sunscreen and planning for your future. Read more here

F I N A L • C O U N T D O W N

Tracey Robinson, the Pocket Watch Assistant has helped test services/ repairs of 200+ properties!⁣⁣ Read her blog to find out how she can help you.

Home alone contemplating how to get up Everest, sniffing bottles and being grateful

Read Coral’s latest blog – honest, gritty and authentic here.

Action the Law of Attraction!

The law of attraction is always in action, you just need to know how to work with it. Find out how Amanda can help you here.

Amanda Green Emotional Health Coach Transformation and Growth Blog

Transformation and Growth

Amanda Green  shares three tips that will help you to ]bring about fulfilment and growth. Make the change. Read more here


Negative Emotions & Their Life Changing Potential

Amanda Green looks at the power of negative emotions and how you can use them in your personal growth.

What You Resist, Persists

Amanda Green talks about how you can help your subconscious beliefs become reality. Read more here.

Simplify PTA event ticketing with Trybooking

If you are a school or a PTA, Joan Lind at Trybooking can help your event run smoothly and cost effectively. Find out more here.

Blame Free Divorce by 2021

Jenna Atkinson of Harrison Drury outlines new legislation will help bring about blame free divorce. Read more here.

Forgiveness – Set Yourself Free

If you are carrying pain or negative energy that is impacting you, Amanda Green can help you – Read her blog to find out more.

You Can’t Be Ill – You’re Self-Employed

Running your own business? What happens if you’re sick? Read this blog to see ways you can protect your business here.

Are You Ready To Make The Most of Online Networking

As businesses emerge from lockdown, there’s been a rush of realisation that customers need to know you’re back in business. Online networking offers an easy way… Read more here

How To Use Zoom For Online Networking

Are you ready to embrace online networking? Virtual networking is a simple way to make new contacts and market your business. Read more here

Instagram Tips and Tools

We’re working on our Instagram account and thought we’d share some of the best tips we’ve learnt. Read more here.

Top Tips Working From Home

You may have been doing some work at home during the lockdown but are you prepared for full time remote working? Read more here 

In Times of Darkness…

In times of darkness, let the kindness shine through and add a slice of lime to your corona! Read more here

Big Pants and Idris

Home alone with big pants and a tennis ball called Idris After the absolute highs of celebrating International Women’s Day… Read more here