Born Survivor – We Survived the Challenge!

We did it! The Pink Link team survived the 2019 Born Survivor challenge! 

2019 Born Survivor – Pink Link Team

Our congratulations go out to:

  • Rachel Riches and Steve Wood of The Village Hotel Blackpool
  • Zoe Hunt and her husband Gary of Zoe Hunt Fitness
  • Lindsi Corfield of Utilities Warehouse
  • Amanda Collins of Inspired Energy
  • Janette Yates of Central Property Management
  • Jacs Rawcliffe of PNG Digital
  • Jill Harvey & Stephen Akers
  • Coral Horn and her work-daughter, Camille Winklemann from Pink Link HQ


2019 Born Survivor Manchester

Born Survivor is not for the faint-hearted. Set in the beautiful estate at Capesthorne Hall in Congleton, the 10k military assault course contains 33 obstacles. Three more than last year! 

If you have any fears or phobias, the 2019 Born Survivor course throws them all at you. Climbing up and leaping down, being submerged underwater, crawling through confined spaces and going through filthy, smelly mud. Accessories such as barbed wire, slippy bars, weighty tyres and ropes add to the fun.  This year’s assault course is an attack on all the senses and critters that want to suck your blood!

The team was fabulous! We had a breast cancer survivor, someone who has lost 8st, and phobias aplenty. Born Survivor challenges you to the max. It’s amazing though. When you are a part of a team, they give you the belief that you can do it. You can succeed – and we did.

The terrain was heavy going. Your first obstacle soaks you so you are cold, wet and dirty for the whole of the 10k course.

The camaraderie of being part of a team will bind us forever. We were very grateful to the three chaps who joined us. Initially, they were rather delicate with where to place their hands. By the end of the course, they were literally grabbing, hoisting and hurling us over! 

It took us just over three hours to complete the course. It was exhausting, we were cold, wet and had mud and muck in every nook and cranny.  The feeling of having completed the challenge made us feel exuberant! You can see photos from Born Survivor here.

Since the event, the feedback has been amazing. Even with all the war wounds, the competitors have said they would do it again. It gave them a real sense of achievement. They pushed past boundaries they didn’t think possible. The comfort zone was well and truly pushed aside! 

Fundraising for Unique Kidz and Co

If you’re wondering why we did it, well, we were raising funds for Unique Kidz and Co. This year, Unique Kidz celebrates their 10th anniversary and so do we. 

Unique Kidz was founded by Denise and Jane. Two mums who had struggled to find childcare for their own disabled children. Frustrated with the lack of support, they did their research and took courses. In 2009, they opened their first Summer Holiday Club. 65 children turned up! Since then, the facilities expanded and in 2016 they opened 4Ever Unique. A day centre that offers support and care for children and young adults up to 25 years old. Now, they can play and socialise in a safe, friendly and caring environment. Siblings and friends are encouraged to join in and be unique together.

Running Unique Kidz costs money. In these times of austerity and cuts, the charity needs outside help from fundraisers and volunteers. 

We were delighted to support Unique Kidz at this year’s Born Survivor.  We’re sore, achey and covered in bruises but we’ve done it! We survived! If you would like to make a donation, please click here. We will announce the final amount that we have raised on Friday 7 June.