Breathe Therapies wins Esteemed RSPH Health and Wellbeing Award

The RSPH Health and Wellbeing Awards 

We are so proud to announce that Breathe Therapies are a winner of the 2021 Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Health & Wellbeing Awards. The awards were held at the East Wintergarden Hotel in London on the 21st of October.

The awards celebrates the best practice and achievements of communities, charities and businesses that protect and improve the public’s health.

We were nominated and won the ‘healthier lifestyles’ award for our Footsteps Eating Disorder Recovery Programme. This award recognises the effectiveness of projects and programmes that improve the lifestyles of the most vulnerable and supports people to make healthier lifestyle choices.

The Footsteps Recovery Programme

The Footsteps recovery programme was designed by our Clinical Director at Breathe Therapies. To aid clients we support on the pathway to recovery. The programme was originally designed with the title ‘Footsteps’ to signify the journey to recovery and gain the support needed to step in the right direction. Operating in a complex and often misunderstood environment, the programme provides a highly accessible and person-centred support that is cost effective. The programme boosts clinical efficiency for increased therapeutic and client engagement. Such as, two-way communication between clients and practitioners, and monitoring and sharing of clinical outcomes.

This programme is delivered to clients through an online app. Providing 24-7 access and complimented by the clients personal Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and specialist Dietician for 1-2-1 sessions. These sessions are either remotely or face to face. The app enables the individual to access real time support on a day-to-day basis. The programme enables clients to address difficulties or challenges faced. Helping clients to work on motivation and develop skills to equip them in their recovery.

This works hand in hand with the specially designed online app. Which enables clients to set weekly goals, access to food, feelings and thought logs. The Footsteps Programme aims to support clients along their journey to recovery. Helping clients feel empowered through the process. Along with a personalised treatment plan to enable clients to achieve their goals.

Shelley Perry, Clinical Director and RMN of Breathe Therapies said “It’s a true honour to have been shortlisted by the Royal Society for Public Health for the category of Healthier Lifestyles. Breathe Therapies are aiming to reduce the impact of Eating Disorders on individuals through our innovative early intervention programme. It’s so encouraging for the team to have our hard work recognised!”

Principles Of The Ottawa Charter

The RSPH Health & Wellbeing Awards is the UK’s premier awards scheme for promoting health and wellbeing. Assessment criteria are based on the principles of the Ottawa Charter. For Health Promotion and subsequent international declarations. Which call for action to achieve ‘Health for All’.

Christina Marriott, Chief Executive of Royal Society for Public Health said: “RSPH Health and Wellbeing Awards provide an opportunity for communities, charities and businesses to celebrate their work and the real difference they make to the nation’s health.

“The last 20 months has been incredibly challenging to all of us.  Those working to protect and improve the health of their communities have risen magnificently to the ongoing challenges and deserve our gratitude and thanks. I am delighted to give Royal Society for Public Health’s platform to thank all the individuals and organisations working their hardest to deliver at a time when they have never been more needed.”

Well done to the whole Breathe Therapies team and a big thank you for all of your hard work! 

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