Arbonne Consultant – Ann Gallagher
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What is Arbonne...

Arbonne is a 39 year old, Swiss heritage, health and wellness company that I am so proud to be a part of. I joined in May 2013 as an Independent Consultant as I loved the products and believed in the brand promise of pure, safe and beneficial.
No nasty chemicals, no synthetic dyes, no mineral oil, no gluten or whey to name but a few and the fact that Arbonne is a Vegan company and always has been.
But as amazing as the products are, it was the opportunity to build my own business in the 'nooks and crannies' of my already busy life that kept me awake at night. This unparalleled business model, which basically turns an expense into an income, gives you the chance to own your own life, to have financial freedom for yourself and your family, to fit work around your life rather than your life around your work and to show others how they can have the same.
If this little glimpse into my vision for our future has sparked even the slightest interest with you then please get in touch so you can hear more.
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07841 362239
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Greater Manchester
Aughton Hypnotherapy
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Hi there! I'm Jen, here to help you reduce your anxiety, stress, and feelings of low mood, improve your sleep, reduce feelings of overwhelm and regain control over your life. As a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, I use gentle techniques to help you feel better and to help you live your best life. Here at Aughton Hypnotherapy, we will work together towards achieving your goal of peace of mind and body and get you feeling like you again!

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Aughton Hypnotherapy
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Aughton Hypnotherapy
Hollin House Farm,
Back Lane,

L39 6SX
Dr Grace Anderson – Master Coach: Divorce & Breakup Recovery, Relationship & Mindset
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I am a Divorce Recovery And Breakup Master Coach.
I am also a Relationship And Growth Mindset Coach.
I use my Coaching & NLP Tools to help women who are going through a breakup or a divorce. If you are in this situation, I will help you do the following:

  1. Overcome Your Negative and Emotional overwhelm, and stop asking the hamster-wheel questions – “Why me?”, “Why am I not good enough for him”, etc?
  2. Take Responsibility for lives, by becoming self-reliant, instead of remaining
    co-dependent on your Ex.
  3. Get Clarity of Your situation as Clarity gives You power. Without this, women suffer from anxieties, sleeplessness etc.
    When you know what the obstacles are, you can then tackle them one step at a time.
  4. Take Back Your Power and Control from your Ex and begin to make your own decisions.
  5. Understand your Ex’s Game-plan and beat him at his own malicious games.
  6. Focus on Moving Forward Positively With Your Life because YOU DESERVE A HAPPY LIFE!
  7. Bring up Your children in a way that will give them safety, security and happiness.
  8. Accomplish all the Exciting Activities on Your Bucket list, like going on exotic holidays, finding New Love, and being TRULY Happy Again! And yes, YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS and be truly grateful for your life again.
    ***I had a very messy divorce years ago… I got through it in one piece, and I am happily married again! My six children are all now happily established, thank God. YOU TOO CAN DO THE SAME.

I work hand in hand with Family and Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisers, and Employers, Domestic Abuse Charities, Women’s Charities, etc, helping their Clients overcome their heartache, so they can think clearly and be empowered to rebuild their lives positively, after their divorce.
I do not give legal advice.

"Take Back Your Control and Live Your Full Life!"


About this memoir

Ada, a very well-established and much-loved Headteacher, takes off from Nigeria, hoping to become the "goose" that will lay the "golden eggs" for her husband, Fred, who lost a substantial sum of money in London, after a failed business trip. The debts Fred owes need to be paid and Ada is to serve as the sacrificial lamb!

How will Add tackle the Winter cold alone, away in a far country, away from her six children. and in particular, away from her baby, the two-year old?

What will Ada do when she can't find a teaching job in London, straight away, as hoped by her husband? What kind of menial jobs will she be forced to take on - just to keep her head afloat? What will she do when she gets evicted from her first accommodation - just two weeks after arrival?

The question is, what mischief will Fred be up to…now alone without his wife… and with all those women fluttering like butterflies around him for attention? Will Fred keep his side of the bargain, and eventually join his wife in London?

So many questions… Ada in London creates a story that is full of difficulties, traumas, grief, disappointments and a lot of suspense..

So, how does Ada survive the traumas?

Some of the themes covered in this novel include:

  • Pain from a Divorce
  • Suffering due to abandonment
  • Racism
  • Degradation
  • Acute loneliness
  • Lack of money
  • Abusive Partner
  • Bereavements
    -Children suffering form divorce of their parents
    and so on and so forth.

If you are wondering how Ada manages to survive the traumas, just get a copy of the novel and read her story for yourself. Buy it here


Tel: 07946752754 For a Confidential Chat!
Or visit my website:
Thank you!

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Amazing Success Group
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No 291-305 Lytham Road, Blackpool, Lancashire,
Lancashire Nutrition
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Lancashire Nutrition Independent Nutritionist and Weight Management Counsellor

Are you ready for a change? The Forever opportunity has helped millions of people all over the world look better, feel better and live the life of their dreams. Discover Forever’s incentives and learn how you can build your own business and have the life you deserve. Benefit from flexible hours, global travel, cash bonuses, new friendships and recognition for your hard work, and enjoy the chance to network with world business leaders, plus so much more!

Forever living provides personal care products for healthy hair and bodies. Only using 100% natural extracts you can be sure their products won't upset your body like chemical formulas can.

Phone or e-mail me for an appointment.
Home visits are available available if you are housebound, or meet at a local venue. Delivery is available too.
Support is available face to face, by phone, e-mail or skype.
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23 Brenton Road, Preston, Lancashire
Spire Health Care Ltd
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01253 928486
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St Walburgas Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY3 8BP