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Sarah Harris Style and Colour Consultant
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I am a trained Style and Colour Consultant. My aim is to help you to find the correct shades that suit your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.  I also prescribe the correct make up that will compliment your look.

It is so important for ladies to find the correct colours as once you do you will find you look better and feel better and also save time and money.

Most of us go to the hair and beauty salon, gym or nail bar and then we think we’re ready to go but then put on the wrong colour and whoops!

Think about all the items you have in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn!

Once you’ve had a colour consultation, you will know what suits you. When you go shopping you will have a wallet with your 42 swatches to ensure you look your best.

Business Phone Number: 07810 340328