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Caroline Pett Anti-Anxiety Specialist
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Anti-Anxiety Specialist

I am a UK based life coach helping people who feel stuck remove obstacles, make & implement a plan to re-engage and live fuller, happier lives.

It is my belief that self-care needs to be higher on all of our priority lists in order for us to really get the most out of the time we have. All to often we wait until we hit rock bottom and grind to halt to reach out for help.

I know that we all get stuck and need a hand from time to time which is why I have spent a lot of time learning and practicing a selection of complimentary therapies in order to help you with a wide variety of issues.

I am qualified in a range of therapies – such as

  • Hypnosis
  • Kinetic Shift
  • Coaching & NLP
  • Reiki
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07708 700877
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6 Hurley Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 8QF
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Dawn M Murray | Holistic Lifestyle Coach
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Hi there and welcome, my name is Dawn and I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach specialising in habit change. I work with professional women who are stressed out, feel trapped and unfulfilled. I help them to become more focused and empowered, so they can live a more vibrant, passionate, and balanced life.

During our sessions together, I will help bring your awareness to areas that may be sabotaging your success that you aren’t even aware of, as well as making sure your mindset and beliefs are in alignment with what you want to achieve in your life. We will take small steps each week to build momentum on our last session, so that you can start to create new habits and behaviours, without even thinking about them. Most importantly, I will hold a powerful vision for you, no matter what state you show up in during our sessions, so that I can meet you where you are, but always help you take another step forward towards your dreams, goals and desires.

Are you ready to BE your authentic self and embrace the best version of you? If so, book your Complimentary Call today!

I also love to educate and empower others to use essential oils, which are a natural approach to health and wellness for all the family. So if you would like to learn more, sign up to our Essential Wellness Newsletter and be kept up to date with the latest and greatest natural health and wellness tips!

Loving life, sharing my passion, whilst empowering others 💖

Join my Facebook group Happier, Healthier, Living 🌿

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07595 609060
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BB12 0NR
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Burnley, Lancashire
Dr Jo Baldwin Coaching
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Coaching For Women Who Want More

More confidence

Step out of overwhelm and reclaim your inherent strengths, abilities and self worth.

More energy

Let go of Superwoman and embrace a more sustainable, feminine power.

More direction

Stop procrastinating and start trusting your inner truths to move you forward.

I can help you reignite that spark… contact me now.

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07740 167836
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Warrington, Cheshire WA45BJ
Naturally Empowered Health
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Naturally Empowered Health – Transformational Coaching

I serve women who have deep seated issues with emotional eating and body image. Through either 1-1 or group coaching you will finally free from your emotional eating pattern, lose weight, lose stress, gain energy and focus.

How is a transformational coach different to the diet programmes available?

Signing up to an international programme like Noom or Weight Watchers or Slimming World gives you access to a “tried and tested” methodology but it is one size fits all. You could be paying for a programme that does not work for you.
As a transformational coach, I work with you as an individual and help you with YOUR problems and YOUR hurdles.
If you’re using an app or following a PDF guideline that has been sent to you, you need to be self accountable – no one will check up on you and if you stop following the diet after 3 weeks they won’t check up with you to see if you’re ok. They’ve been paid and provided their service – your results are up to you.
If you work with me, you are still ultimately accountable for your results. I can provide advice but I cannot do the work for you. However, I will check in with you, I can tweak what you are doing to fit major changes in your life and I will celebrate with you every step of the way.
If you’re not ready for 1-1 coaching, why don’t you look in to my Fresh Start Membership?

True Taste

Welcome to my first book True Taste. You can order your copy NOW

My book is full of all my favourite recipes that I have included in clients successful eating plans, each recipe is easy to follow, all are aimed to give you energy and keep you fuller for longer without skimping on taste. I have included choices for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as alternatives to your favourite snacks for when you feel like a treat. There are also how to guides and insights to my favourite foods which I hope you will enjoy too.

In the second section I focus on mindset techniques for before, during and after eating so not only does your food taste amazing but you feel amazing too, more energised and less stressed so you are able to really tune into your food, enjoy every mouthful and give your time to true taste.

This year lets say NO to Diets and YES to our health.
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07413 012474
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CH62 1HL
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33 Oakworth Drive, Wirral, Merseyside
Red Star Wealth Management
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Red Star Wealth – independent financial adviser, educator & motivator on the Fylde Coast

Nick Cunliffe runs Red Star Education Paul is our pensions specialist Come and say hello to Bodge the office dog

What does financial stability mean to you? And more importantly what action are YOU taking to make you, your family and your business financially resilient and able to cope with whatever life holds. And let’s get started on those financial ambitions shall we? Established in 2011, Kristen (Red Star’s Managing Director) has the experience to be trusted to look after all your financial needs. Contact Kristen at or call on 01253 486346 for a free initial consultation. Kristen takes a holistic approach to financial planning, thinking as much about your future plans and aspirations as you do!

Multi Award Winner Kristen Cunliffe of Red Star Wealth  Winning at the Enterprise Vision Awards  Our First EVAS Win  Mother and Daughter award winners

Red Star Education offers personalised financial workshops to professional football academiesRed Star Education is a program which has been specifically designed to educate on the subject of personal finance. The aim of Red Star Education is to provide a foundation of financial knowledge. This will in turn allow learners to seek reputable advice and understand the concept of personal financial planning and its importance.  We have a book “Easy Money” which was written by Kristen and her husband Nick which teaches young people everything they need to know about personal finance in the UK. It’s £10.99 inc P&P. Contact us to order.

During the Covid-19 restrictions we are still available to support clients – new and existing. We are happy to conduct meetings via telephone, skype and zoom and can provide practical assistance with day-to-day financial questions like mortgages, investments, pensions and life insurance.

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01253 486 346
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P O Box 360, Lytham St Annes