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It’s all about blending our flours boldly with impact, flavour and taste in mind. Each sourdough loaf has it’s own unique characteristics; appearance, aroma, flavour and structure. The consumer has woken up to what’s important to them; exceptional foods with unquestionable origin, taste and heritage.

Heritage grains are the heart and soul of our approach to artisan sourdough. Having a relationship with our farmer, miller and his harvest is one of the fundamental factors in what makes our sourdough recipes unique.

We share a real understanding and connection with our leaven, which we created 30 years ago from a handful of organic raisins. Over time it has developed its complexities, characteristics, unique aroma and its robust ability to leaven all of our daily breads. We believe that the lactic fermentation within our leaven is the essence of health and well-being.

Our sourdough breads are a product of this ancient method of preparing and preserving foods. Our ancestors left a legacy that we can learn from – keep it simple, celebrate nature and don’t be tempted by a gimmick.

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Plumgarths, Crook Road, Kendal