Emotional Eating

Emotional Health Coach
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If you want to see changes in your reality, let’s work with your emotional energy! 07789911174
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I LOVE my work as an Emotional Health Coach and feel very priviledged to work with people in this personal area. I have such respect for my clients who are prepared to go on a journey of self-discovery to realise their own potential. 

My focus is in helping you to understand and align you emotional energy so you feel good & think better more of the time and can positively influence every aspect of your life. Our individual vibration is made up of our conscious and subconscious programming (thoughts, beliefs & feelings). This can either propel us foward or hold us back and sabotage our success and happiness. Most people have a combination of this going on & it can feel like an internal tug of war.

Contact me for a quick chat to explore and journey within! You deserve it!





























































































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01524 64483
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15 Barnacre Close, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4JZ
Naturally Empowered Health
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Naturally Empowered Health – Transformational Coaching

I serve women who have deep seated issues with emotional eating and body image. Through either 1-1 or group coaching you will finally free from your emotional eating pattern, lose weight, lose stress, gain energy and focus.

How is a transformational coach different to the diet programmes available?

Signing up to an international programme like Noom or Weight Watchers or Slimming World gives you access to a “tried and tested” methodology but it is one size fits all. You could be paying for a programme that does not work for you.
As a transformational coach, I work with you as an individual and help you with YOUR problems and YOUR hurdles.
If you’re using an app or following a PDF guideline that has been sent to you, you need to be self accountable – no one will check up on you and if you stop following the diet after 3 weeks they won’t check up with you to see if you’re ok. They’ve been paid and provided their service – your results are up to you.
If you work with me, you are still ultimately accountable for your results. I can provide advice but I cannot do the work for you. However, I will check in with you, I can tweak what you are doing to fit major changes in your life and I will celebrate with you every step of the way.
If you’re not ready for 1-1 coaching, why don’t you look in to my Fresh Start Membership?

True Taste

Welcome to my first book True Taste. You can order your copy NOW

My book is full of all my favourite recipes that I have included in clients successful eating plans, each recipe is easy to follow, all are aimed to give you energy and keep you fuller for longer without skimping on taste. I have included choices for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as alternatives to your favourite snacks for when you feel like a treat. There are also how to guides and insights to my favourite foods which I hope you will enjoy too.

In the second section I focus on mindset techniques for before, during and after eating so not only does your food taste amazing but you feel amazing too, more energised and less stressed so you are able to really tune into your food, enjoy every mouthful and give your time to true taste.

This year lets say NO to Diets and YES to our health.
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07413 012474
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CH62 1HL
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33 Oakworth Drive, Wirral, Merseyside