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Never-ending phone calls!

Never ending Phone Calls by the Pocket Watch Assistant

How many calls do you take or make that interfere with your day? →Did you forget to arrange a meeting with a supplier or client?→Calling a supplier to arrange an order is a job still on your list of things to do?→Do you have a list of jobs to make access arrangements for?→Do you have […]

Essential Oils: Improving Your Health and Wellness Naturally!

Essential Oils – A historic cure Essential oils have a long history when it comes to wellbeing and have been used for a wide range of health problems. Many oils have specific properties that make them great choices for treating particular health concerns, but their effects can go far beyond this.  Research has shown that […]

Death, Sex, Control and Power!

Death Sex Control and Power by Amanda Green Emotional Health Coach

The title of this blog sounds like a Netflix original in the making 😀 It is interesting that the above-mentioned themes typically play out in many dramas and series and much of this is connected to the shadow side of life because secretly (or not so secretly) we are fascinated by it! So why am […]

Finding Motivation And Inspiration In Every Day Surroundings

You already realise the fact that life is all about progress. Even if you are doing great right now, it won’t help if you keep doing the same thing 5 years hence, trust me I know! You need to keep improving upon yourself and constantly seek new challenges as this is the only thing that […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pisces

Pisces dates are from 19th February to 20th March. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune (♆) ruler of Cobalt is represented as Neptune's trident, observed as the God of waters in ancient mythology. Neptune is connected to the power of emotions in the subconscious mind and the effects on the higher mind consciousness.

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is the sign that is truly loved, and the people who can have a hard time feeling truly understood. People with the Pisces zodiac sign can help others expand their emotional boundaries, filling the heart with a range of interpretations that can only be found in the Pisces imagination. Of course, […]

3 Simple Steps To Live a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

3 Simple Steps To Live a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

Author: Dawn M Murray of Essential Wellness Do you feel tired and sleepy when you get up in the morning? Do you have no energy or zest for life? This is most likely because your mind is inundated with all of the day’s work and home-related pressure and stresses. The majority of people face a […]

How you can effectively reduce your sugar intake

Hey Sugar

Author: Margaret Bell Transformational Health Coach Techniques to naturally lower your sugar daily intake Putting it simply our brains love sugar, but our bodies don’t. Sugar puts physical stress on your body in such a way that is can increase your cortisol levels and therefore induce your fight or flight mode – where you are […]

Are you planning on retiring?

Roz Barnes Financial Planning Are You Planning on Retiring

Author: Roz Barnes Financial Planning Ltd. Just because saving for retirement is difficult, it doesn’t mean you should give up; and the current reliefs and allowances on pension contributions should give cause for optimism. If you expect to retire on a final-salary pension and with no mortgage, your perspective on retirement may well be rosy; […]

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