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The truth behind online ticketing fees

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to ticket an event online, it’s near certain you’ve bumped into a perhaps unexpected expense – namely, ticketing platform fees. If you’re not careful, these fees can end up eating a hefty chunk of your ticket revenue – we’ve seen some ticketing providers taking up to 10%. And even […]

The Importance of Cash Flow for Your Business’s Health

What Can Cash Flow Predict About Your Business’s Health? As a business owner, you know that your bank balance is an important figure to keep track of. However, it alone does not provide enough information about the overall health of your business. At Queen Accountancy, we prioritise discussing cash flow forecasts with our clients because […]

Clarifying Journal Entries: Understanding Their Importance and Impact on Your Business

Journal Entries: The WHY and the WHEN they are required Did you know that in 2023, nearly two-thirds of small business owners attempt to handle their own bookkeeping, yet many of them lack sufficient accounting knowledge? This concerning statistic highlights a critical gap in financial management skills among entrepreneurs. JEs are essential entries made in […]

What is Business Banking?

I’m fine as I am, thanks Helen There are plenty of small start-ups still wrangling with the decision to have a business banking account, or not. So what is it? Business banking is a type of account offered by banks and financial institutions specifically for business owners. These accounts offer features and benefits that are […]

Who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contacts?

Have you ever wondered who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contacts if they were created as a result of their employment? LinkedIn contacts are key for many employers, as they may use LinkedIn to generate new business contacts. Departing employees could use the LinkedIn contacts that they created during their employment for their own, or a […]

How To Market An Event In 2024: The Complete Guide

At TryBooking, one of the questions we hear the most is how to market an event to make sure it’s a successful one. It’s a question that all event organisers ask – whether you’re planning your first event ever, or you’re a seasoned event planner looking to keep up to date with the latest tips. You’ve got […]

Mastering Event Promotion on LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s social media landscape, LinkedIn has emerged as the home of professional networking, full of professionals seeking opportunities, experiences and advice. With over 1 billion users globally in 2024, it’s the ideal place to promote professional orientated events, including training sessions, conferences, recruitment events and networking – just to name a few. However, with […]

The Power of a Year-end Review

Introduction As we approach the end of another incredible year, it’s time to reflect, celebrate achievements, and set our plans for the future. At Queen Accountancy, we’re proud to work with our clients, and whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, a passionate freelancer, or a proud business owner who feels that maybe 2023/24 could have been […]

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