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Never-ending phone calls!

Never ending Phone Calls by the Pocket Watch Assistant

How many calls do you take or make that interfere with your day? →Did you forget to arrange a meeting with a supplier or client?→Calling a supplier to arrange an order is a job still on your list of things to do?→Do you have a list of jobs to make access arrangements for?→Do you have […]

A pandemic financial plan for all the family

A pandemic financial plan for all the family by Roz Barnes Financial Planning

Ensure a safe financial future for yourself, your parents and your children during the coronavirus pandemic Members of the sandwich generation, those individuals in their 40s, 50s and 60s who are bringing up their own children while also providing care for their parents, face increased financial strain in the best of times. Pulled in different […]

How do you handle your Emails?

How do you handle your Emails?

I have come from a background managing a manic inbox – email traffic comprising of multiple companies, departments, over 200 residential and commercial tenants to contractors and external sources. There would be days where blinking or leaving the inbox would not be an option. Can you imagine leaving the inbox to go to the loo […]

Personal Growth = Positive Power!

Increase Your Positive Power! Which Of The Following Areas Of Personal Growth Can You Focus On This Week? Commit to consistent and incremental improvement Commit to learning something about yourself from every experience Commit to understanding yourself deeper than ego level thinking Commit to finding something to be grateful for in every situation Commit to […]

Eating Our Biggest Frog


Frogs – Eating Them Can Be Good For Business Best selling author, Brian Tracy talks about eating frogs. Like many business owners we know, it is hard to set aside time to work ‘on your business’.  Client pressures mean their needs come above your own and we find ourselves putting off tasks which can give […]

Your Energy Power!

TRUTH = We have the power to create our future, we are doing it all the time! TRUTH = The Law of Attraction is responding to our vibration ALL the time. WHAT GETS IN THE WAY? EMPOWER THE PROCESS Continue to develop your self-awareness (there is no end to this work)! Focus on understanding the […]

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