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Coping with life after a divorce is never easy.If you have had a divorce and you have young children, life can suddenly become rather burdensome and unmanageable. First, you may find yourself constantly tearful, crying over little things, or any time you hear the name of your Ex mentioned by a friend or family. 1. […]

The Awakening – Next Level Personal Development!

We are Very Excited about The Awakening! A Day of Personal Development. An optional Overnight Retreat (very limited spaces left now)! Where soul meets strategy! We have everything from spirituality, purpose, profitability, leadership, laughter, motivation, meditation, emotional intelligence & inner work covered! It’s going to be special. Awesome people are speaking, exhibiting and attending. It’s […]

Online Networking With Pink Link

Online Networking With Pink Link

Networking is a great way to expand and promote your business. When you attend a networking event, both face to face and online networking, you have the opportunity to make new connections, explore new business opportunities and help spread your brand awareness. So, as society re-adjusts to life after the COVID 19 Pandemic, you may […]

How many cogs does your business have?

Every business has a cog or two! There is no way a business can run without any cogs in it at all now is there! I put my hands up and admit that there is not a chance my business would still be running now without: My own sheer determination, even during those days I’ve […]


How is your diary management?  Are you able to keep on top of it, or is it a complete mess? Does this sound familiar? Forever late for meetings/appointments? Have a habit of missing meetings/appointments? People turn up to see you and you have to wing it because you forgot they were coming? Agree to something […]

Feel The Love This Galentine’s Day

Galentine's Day

Now you’re probably thinking “what’s Galentine’s Day?” Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day. A day where women come together to love and celebrate each other. A day to celebrate the importance of friendship and show the gals around you some love. At Pink Link, we are celebrating our love for women in business. […]

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