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Top Tips From Working From Home

Pink-Link-Ladies-Top-Tips-For-Working-From-Home for women in business

Working From Home – The New Normal You may have been doing some work at home during the lockdown but are you prepared for full time remote working? Sharing the kitchen or dining room table with the kids or cosying up on the sofa with your laptop balanced on your knee is not conducive to […]

In Times of Darkness…

Coral Horn of Pink Link shares her views about networking this month

In times of darkness, let the kindness shine through and add a slice of lime to your corona! During this lockdown period, I have received so many gifts and cards from women within my community who have shown their appreciation for what we have done to keep them going and connected. From flowers, to gin, […]

Big Pants and Idris

Big Pants and Idris Coral Horn discusses coping with the lockdown

Home alone with big pants and a tennis ball called Idris After the absolute highs of celebrating International Women’s Day across the North West with literally hundreds of women, five amazing speakers and three masterclasses and a fantastic night at the Red Rose Awards, I certainly came back down to earth with a bang. Once […]

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Pink Link Ladies February Blog

FEBRUARY’S BOOK RECOMMENDATION I chose to listen to Maggie Oliver’s book “Survivors” this month. Despite previously watching the BBC drama “Three Girls” which was based on the Rochdale grooming scandal, I always think books have so much more detail. I can only feel repulsion at the horrific actions of the men to these young girls […]