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Author: Dee Hounslea of 360 Nutrition 247

The Cellular Health Guru

Are you at the forefront of looking after your own health and wellbeing?

I have just watched two interviews from programmes that Coral had recommended. One was from This Morning on ITV and the other on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4). One was about Gut Health and the other about Ageing and the importance of cellular health. Coral said she saw it and thought of me!

Thank you Coral, and how lovely because as some of you know I am the person who has been talking about and promoting the importance of cellular health and loving yourself from the inside out for the last three years in Pink Link. We are groundbreaking businesswomen after all. Now it’s being picked up on mainstream TV (look out for Reduces Oxidative Stress / Biohacking and Nutrigenomics – all buzz words of the future).

Gut health and how the tiny microbes in our Microbiome work and impact our entire body. It is only now, in the last 20 years, being fully understood. This is thanks to the breakthrough in understanding the Human Genome (our DNA). The great news is that it is never too late to improve your health and wellbeing.

Your Are What You Eat… but that’s not all

  • Eating a good diet (think Rainbow – colourful and varied – more fish, whole grains and seeds plus lots of fruit and veg)
  • Reducing the impact of harmful toxins; alcohol (I know), smoking, eating processed foods)
  • Drinking plenty of water (minimum of 2 litres a day)

… this will all certainly help. However, wellbeing is more than food and drink.

It’s about the people in our life, where we live and the jobs/roles we have…our wider environment.

These all have an impact on how well our cellular health and the microbes that live in our bodies. Microbes respond to everyday life…they get stressed (it’s called Oxidative Stress) and it causes inflammation and that’s how we age!

Your Body is A Temple!

It is worth considering taking good supplements.

I never looked after myself when I worked in the NHS but working for myself was different. I needed to be fit and healthy.

As like many of you, if I don’t work, I don’t earn – the first priority in your business is YOU!

I now take a range of excellent natural products that have really improved my cellular health. If you want to improve gut health you can try a Probiotic but make sure they will actually reach the gut, many are ‘killed off’ by the time they have traveled through our digestive systems. So check them out before buying. The old saying that ‘my body is a temple’ is very true – there is only one of you on the entire planet – how amazing is that!

We can’t stop the ageing process but we can slow down its impact so we can add years to life – and life to our later years!

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about cellular health and how you can improve your wellbeing from the inside out drop a message in the chat below, or DM me.

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