In Times of Darkness…

Coral Horn of Pink Link shares her views about networking this month

In times of darkness, let the kindness shine through and add a slice of lime to your corona!

During this lockdown period, I have received so many gifts and cards from women within my community who have shown their appreciation for what we have done to keep them going and connected. From flowers, to gin, boxes of treats and pictures, it has given me some reassurance that our efforts have been worthwhile.

Zoom “You chased the day away”

Our series of free zoom “Master Classes” have brought the ladies together learning about Instagram to Employment issues, joining in Yoga, to coping with stress and anxiety. It has kept them busy in days that could otherwise feel like “Groundhog Day” with them playing the lead role of Bill Murray.

At a time when we may feel like our lives have no purpose it has filled a void and given them focus. I thank all of the ladies who have stepped up to help me deliver these invaluable nuggets.


Taking back control with “The Circle of Concern”

One session we did with Rachel Haslam from Team Academy had us create our Circle of Concern. On the outer circle we looked at the things that were worrying us and filling our thoughts. Then in the inner Circle of Influence we broke down those that we could potentially influence. In the centre circle we placed the things we could do to control these issues and we learn’t to let go of those issues that were still in the outer circle of concern.

It was a great exercise that enabled the participants to really breakdown their issues and re focus on the positive things they could do.

If you would like to know more about this technique you can read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey which is my book recommendation this month.

Celebrating the wins and supporting local business

The purpose of Pink Link was to connect women in business and enable them to grow by impacting their confidence and business growth. Even during lockdown, we are able to achieve this goal and we are celebrating every little win right now. We have seen confidence shift, tears turned to smiles and business passed. Members have received enquiries via our online directory and services and referrals have been generated. I have been able to refer office furniture, computer hardware, legal services, celebrants for weddings and funerals and a videographer for a live stream of a funeral. Several members who joined us just before lockdown have reported receiving substantial sales from other members. We keep focus on celebrating every win and help to keep business moving.

Charity begins with communities

Each month we are highlighting charities within our community. With charity events cancelled like many of us they are having to think of inventive ways to generate much needed funds for survival. This month we chose Headway Blackpool which works to provide services and support for people who have suffered brain injuries. We have worn hats as we zoomed together and raised awareness of the charity and donations.


If you would like to support this charity please click here.

A slice of lime in my corona!

I started my live to members on Facebook the week before lockdown. “Corona Time” at 4.30pm everyday sees me appear with a bottle of the afore mentioned lager and updates from the day. This has continued for 9 weeks and there has plenty of laughs and information passed. In one live, I spoke of some funding opportunities and one of our charities applied and is through to the next stage so fingers crossed they are successful. It’s become part of their daily routine for many and is just another way in which I can step up and keep our community together.

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