Drive sales by loving what you do.

Love what you do

Author: Ellen Williams Virtual Assistant Ministry VA

Before I was self employed I had a dream of running a business, being my own boss.  I thought I would wake up early, take a pilates class, make a wholesome breakfast, constantly be on top of the house work and love every minute of the work I was doing. I presumed that’s what all self employed women’s lives were like. 

Very quickly I realised it was more like a constant balance of trying to maintain a tiny bit of a healthy lifestyle, working from dining tables, feeling guilty for not getting to more networking events or finishing those courses you’ve signed up for. Do you get me? Have you been there?

In all honesty, I ran like this for the first 4 months of my business as it grew way quicker than I could’ve hoped for…but at what price. Now, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but lockdown saved me.  I lost all my clients, my childcare and sat looking at all the boxes (we moved house the day before lockdown) crying! How could my business be taken away from me?  But also, how the F was I meant to bring it back without any time.  I wasn’t alone for 17 weeks.

So, from that lesson, I’ve pulled together my 5 tips to help you love your business again, (you can read by clicking here). You know that I’m going to say outsourcing is key (we can chat about that here) but I want these to be 5 fresh tips!

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