Elon Musk 2023 Astrology Prediction

What can Elon Musk expect in 2023?

What can Elon Musk expect in 2023? Before I dive into it, I’m Clarissa Beauty one and Spiritual Girl. I’m here to give you insights using my spiritual tools such as astrology, tarot, intuition, and spiritual knowledge. If you’d like to see more on my profile and explore, let’s get into it.

I just have to say that astrology charts are so interesting.

Elon Musk’s got one of the most deliciously cunning charts, I’d like to say. With 29 degrees Gemini ascendant is quite rebellious. Elon Musk has a Sun and Mercury in the first house in Cancer, but it squares to his Uranus, Lilith in the third house. He also has Pluto in the third house. This is a person who cannot be controlled.

What he says and what he does is just so changeable. He will be able to have a smoothness of tone. Ideas are projected in a way that is so beneficial for all involved. Elon Musk also has a Mars conjunct North Node and vertex in the eighth house in Aquarius. This is somebody who is very, very comfortable with radical change. This is somebody who. Who wants it, in fact,

Chiron in Aries on the Midheaven. There is a sensitivity about the sacrifices needed to become authoritative, to become a leader. There is also a sensitivity about authoritative masculinity and its implementation, being able to understand the wounds of leadership, the wounds of trying to have a distinct identity, but he also likes to explore what this means.

Saturn in Gemini, in the eleventh house. Elon Musk is going to feel as though society’s restricted in some way. He is going to feel like society has this way of limiting him, and he is also going to have this relationship with the limitations that he puts on society through his own version of roles, his own version of knowledge.

One of the main challenges that Elon Musk is going to experience in 2023 is Saturn in his eighth house. These things are going to feel as though he is being held back. He is going to feel as though there are unseen forces and seen forces, unconscious and subconscious energies in his life that are trying to hold in a way, hold him back from truly being able to do what he wants to do.

With his progressed Mars, compounding his North Node and natal Mars, there’s going to be this element of having to double down on his actions of expression, drive assertiveness regarding other people’s money, regarding other people’s subconscious desires, the things that they want from him, karmic ties that he has with people.

With the progressed Descendant, this is going to mean other people, relationships and partnerships. The Sun, Venus and Moon progressed into the second house, Elon Musk going to be an emotional connection to his own value and with South Node in the second house, he will experience underlying repeating patterns. Some things are coming back to have another conversation with the way he behaves.

Elon Musk will continue to have an eye for an eye innate nature. Meaning that he will remember every single detail of the things that have happened to him, and he will use the feeling as a way to empower him. He uses whatever is thrown at him to be able to then diligently work on these things so he can become the victor in the situation. He is not just the victor of the situation, it’s the way he becomes the victor because he makes himself calmly tied to situations. So his worth is related to every situation that goes up and down. He is able to get whatever he needs from his genuine friends, people that truly believe in his mastery. There is no undoing of Elon Musk

The relationship that he has always had with independence and structure, and the authorities that have been in his own life and in his childhood conditioning. Now, he also represents that authority where people want to rebel with him and rebel against him. Elon Musk ultimately knows that you have to fight to get what you want, and there will be more of this, and it comes with more leadership.

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