LIFE Expo – Leanne Brown “Real Housewife of Cheshire”

Don’t miss your chance to see Leanne Brown at The LIFE Expo – Saturday 26th January, Manchester Concorde
This ticket includes Reserved seating to Leanne’s Seminar 

Leanne Brown may best be known for being a star on the ITV Be programme ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’, but what can I tell you about ‘Leanne Brown’ as a person? It’s quite simple, she’s not ‘just a housewife’.

We met Leanne on yet another miserable Manchester ‘summer’ day, in a cute little cafe. The first thing we find out about Leanne is to do with her food choices, she’s thoughtful and considerate to everything she puts in her body thanks to her semi new way of life, plant based eating. That was the first tick for our LIFE branding. We’re conscientious of everything that affects our mind and body, and it turns out Leanne is the same.

Charity was the next topic on the agenda and it was clear to see how passionate she is about various projects. Walks, assault courses, skydives, nothing is off the agenda for Leanne when it comes to raising money for causes close to her heart. One such cause stood out by a mile. ‘One Woman At A Time’ 

The aim of this small local charity is to identify and assist women of any  age to achieve a helping hand in gaining education, training and employment  to change their and the families future.

They are working in Ortum Kenya and Nigeria to sponsor girls to fulfil their dreams of getting an education, to gain financial independence and to have choices about their lives. Leanne helped them raise over £30,000 by hosting their empowerment ball earlier on this year, and that’s only the start of her efforts. Very soon she will be taking part in a China walk and a calendar. 

Earlier on this year Leanne went to Africa and India to learn more about FGM and went to a women’s refuge with the thought process of finding women that ‘One Woman at a Time’ can help. Their idea is to have the girls sponsored to get an education, empower them and prevent them from being sold. The core message was that Leanne and Jean (the founder of ‘One Woman at a Time) want the girls to gain economic power, which is EVERYTHING The LIFE expo is about. That’s when we knew, we simply have to have Leanne at the expo!

We echo Leanne and Jean’s vision, we don’t just want to provide economic power here in the UK. We want to spread a bigger and better word, we want them to have our platform and full support to continue on their journey helping women and girls outside of the UK too!

Saturday 26th January – Manchester Concorde
Ticket Price £20 inc vat 
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Venue: Concorde Hangar, Sunbank Lane, Altringham, WA15 8XQ
Start: 26 Jan 2019 10:00 AM
End: 26 Jan 2019 5:00 PM
Parking: Free Parking