Life Expo – Speaker Catherine Edsell – Expedition leader

Don’t miss your chance to see Catherine Edsell at The LIFE Expo – Saturday 26th January, Manchester Concorde

This ticket includes Reserved seating to  Catherine’s Seminar

As an expedition leader she have led expeditions all over the world. She loves the adventure, the challenge, the fact that in my small way she is hands-on contributing to wildlife conservation and biodiversity research, she loves the freedom of it, the immersion in nature, the relationship with something bigger than herself, and the contrast to her daily life in the UK.  

As a woman, and a mother, she noticed the limitations we create around what we allow ourselves to do.  We are always compromising, multi-tasking, taking the slack, holding the fort, and this is all great, except when we do this ALL the time, and don’t give ourselves even a few days to go off on our own, to re-connect with ourselves, to challenge ourselves physically, to marvel at the wonders of nature, to learn, to grow, and also to strip away, to get back to basics, to clear our thinking, and to change, where necessary, our mindset.  When we even think about doing this we meet amazing resistance – particularly from ourselves, even if it’s what we actually really need. 

She leads predominantly scientific research expeditions now, and cover all manner of environmental issues in her work, which she loves.  She recently had an idea to open up the expedition and adventure world to other mums who, like herself, have felt trapped by the limitations of their situation, or who just don’t think they can muster up the energy to climb anything higher than the stairs at night, and whose tropical forest is enclosed in a palm house.  This has now become a reality, and it’s not just for mums – all women welcome!  Its a huge world out there….

Saturday 26th January – Manchester Concorde
Time: TBC
Ticket Price £20 inc vat 
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Event Details
Venue: Concorde Hangar, Sunbank Lane, Altringham, WA15 8XQ
Start: 26 Jan 2019 10:00 AM
End: 26 Jan 2019 10:00 AM
Parking: Free Parking