Everything You Need To Know About Taurus

Everything You Need to Know About Taurus blog by Clarissa Jordan of Her Luxury Wellness

Taurus Energy

In this blog, Clarissa Jordan takes a deep look and shares everything you need to know about Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and the first of the earth signs, symbolised by the bull. Taurus energy has contemplative energy; focusing on sensuality, beauty, food, appreciation for the comforts of things around them, and value. Taurus is a feminine sign and is ruled by Venus. 

What Are Taurus Traits?

The Taurus sign is patient and confident in their abilities, resistant to sudden changes. They choose to not rush decisions as the long term plan creates value, experience and success. As an earth sign, Taurus is moderate and appreciates what makes them feel good. Value is an essential focus for Taurus. Value could mean a home with textural and sensory comforts. A delicious platter including all their favourite dishes. Or even to spend their hard-earned money on what they consider as quality. In health, Taurus rules the ears, throat, lower jaw, neck, and spine. 

What are Taurus dates?

20th April – 20th May

Taurus Traits in Relationships

The earth sign Taurus is a sign of loyalty, comfort and persistence. At the beginning of a relationship, Taurus zodiac sign carefully considers whether a potential partner is worthy of their affections. When they want to be, Taureans can be very romantic. They will trust their partner, to a point, gradually ensuring they can build a life together. Taurus likes to be pampered with affection, attention, admiration. They will defend their relationship with every might they have. 

What Is The Taurus Planetary Rulership?

Venus is the co-ruler of Taurus and Libra. This is when we can see how the two zodiac signs represent their ruling planet. When Venus refers to the Libra zodiac sign, it relates to our relationship with the concepts of beauty, balance, justice, and judgment. These are the words we use to reflect what is in nature, the karmic intention of the energies created. The journey towards balanced, loving, and harmonious relationships within our lives. 

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