Finding Motivation And Inspiration In Every Day Surroundings

You already realise the fact that life is all about progress. Even if you are doing great right now, it won’t help if you keep doing the same thing 5 years hence, trust me I know! You need to keep improving upon yourself and constantly seek new challenges as this is the only thing that keeps you going. However, to be able to do that, you need inspiration and motivation in your life. 

‘Inspiration’ is something that sparks your life with excitement; whilst ‘Motivation’ is something that gives you the energy to keep moving.

So, where do you go to find these two fundamental ingredients for your success?

One of the best places to begin is in your local bookstore or library. Visit there and check out the books in the non-fiction section. You are likely to find a whole lot of books about people in your industry who have made it to the top. Most of these people will be already known to you. 

Pick out the person who interests and intrigues you the most and head back home. Then start reading their story. As you start reading their story, you will see that it was no easy task for them either. Regardless of what success they achieved in their later life, they began in a very ordinary way… maybe you are in the same situation right now as they began with.

Reading such stories can be highly motivating. You get a blow-by-blow account of how they made it to the top. You get something to move on with. Most importantly, you gain an optimistic view of life. With a little more analysis into their lives, these famous luminaries could be your inspiration, your role models to give you the motivation and drive you need to keep going.

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Some of my favourites books and authors over the last few years have been Rebecca Campbell’s, ‘Light Is the New Black: A Guide To Answering Your Soul’s Callings And Working Your Light’, Carrie Green’s ‘She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur’ and Gabrielle Bernstein’s ‘The Universe Has Your Back: How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What’, to mention just a few. They have all shared their wisdom and knowledge with me as they shared their own stories, which have helped me in one way or another on my own journey. 

Another very important thing you should do is to always keep a steadfast focus on what you want to achieve. Set your goals and write them down. Then, determine yourself to follow these goals, come what may. Promise yourself that you will not let anything sway you from the path. When you are totally devoted to the results, then ways of how to get there automatically start becoming visible to you.

I would love to hear which authors and books have inspired you over the years; and what or who else helps to keep you motivated and inspired on a daily basis!

Take care for now,

Dawn 🌿🌸🌿

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