Feel The Love This Galentine’s Day

Galentine's Day

Now you’re probably thinking “what’s Galentine’s Day?”

Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day. A day where women come together to love and celebrate each other. A day to celebrate the importance of friendship and show the gals around you some love.

What's Galentine's Day?

At Pink Link, we are celebrating our love for women in business. We want women to connect and celebrate the achievements of other women. Together with our business awards, the Enterprise Vision Awards, the Pink Link community is an excellent place to share the love. Empowered women, empower women.

Galentine's Day

Women Supporting Women

Study after study has shown that women who support each other are more successful. Research in the Harvard Business Review finds that women benefit from having a network of connected peers across different groups. Take Galentine’s Day as an opportunity to inspire each other. Support their businesses. Connect with each other and seek advice from women within the Pink Link network.

Building your network is an effective way to grow your business. Share your successes with other women and be supported by like minded ladies. When we come together as women, amazing things can happen.

Can You Feel The Love?

Pink Link Ladies International Womens Day Lancashire

We want all women to feel empowered. At Pink Link, we are a sisterhood who look out for each other. We all go through highs and lows, feel lonely and overwhelmed. That’s why the Pink Link community is here for you. To pick you up when you’re down, to help you find solutions to challenges and to cheer your wins. Helping you to grow both personally and professionally.

Connect with women in business and help promote each others businesses. Say ‘hi’ to another lady within the network. Chat about your business and share ideas. Spread the Galentine’s love

International Women’s Day 2022


As we show some love to the ladies over the Galentine’s season, don’t forget that International Women’s Day is right around the corner. This year, the theme is #breakthebias. The aim is to improve and promote gender equality and break the bias in workplaces, communities (physical and online), in schools, colleges and universities. And you can join us. We want businesses and organisations who stand against bias, stereotypes, and discrimination to join Pink Link at this event for International Women’s Day.

You can find out more about #IWD2022 here : International Women’s Day 2022 – Pink Link Ladies

Happy Galentine's Day

It Must Be Love This Galentine’s Day

However, Galentine’s Day is not the only day to celebrate women in business. There are 365 days a year for women to celebrate women. So spread the love, and let’s get connecting gals.

With love,

Galentine's Day With Pink Link

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