Gemini And A Guide To Mercury Retrograde

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Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac. It is where there is a focus on communication, thought, speed and connectivity. Finding solutions through mentally stimulating processes.

In Astrology, the Sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, ruler of the 3rd house. The 3rd house represents short forms of communication and travel, friends, siblings and family. Planets found in this house show the way in which we communicate with others and our ability to interpret our thoughts.

Symbolised by the twins creates a connection to the changeability of Gemini. An ability to divert their energy into multiple situations, a mindset that needs continual stimulation. The Gemini zodiac sign signifies self-awareness and a nature of duality, which focuses on gathering and sharing information.

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In medical astrology, Gemini governs breathing, the lungs, the upper limbs, and the senses connected to sight and hearing. Gemini can have an overactive brain which can lead to insomnia. There can also be disassociation of emotions, creating a risk of logically processing situations without the process of how things feel.

Gemini placements in a chart can show afflictions such as

  • coughs
  • lung issues
  • arm issues such as cramps
  • twitching and trapped nerves
  • significant nerve issues such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s

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Gemini love stimulation of the mind; Gemini is attracted to love that is impulsive and adventurous. Geminis are intellectual and excellent communicators. Yet, they are still light-hearted enough to have fun no matter what they are talking about.

People born under the Gemini sign are eager to learn about almost anything, Making them superior listeners and conversationalists. Gemini tends to make friends easily, and friendships are also the basis for their romantic relationships. Their flirting skills are excellent.

Gemini in relationships like intense verbal sparring to be followed quickly by intense reconciliation. To keep the flames alive in relationships, Gemini is known to spice things up with their changeability to keep their partner interested. Furthermore, they hate playing games where they cannot have the final say. They love to be with a partner who is open to adventures and even life changes, as they support imagination and creativity.

Gemini are excellent entertainers and can naturally connect with their children to form lasting bonds. As parents, Gemini may prefer to let their partner be the disciplinarian while they remain the cool and fun parent.

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