Get organised for Christmas

So I hate to break the news, but Christmas is on the way, guys!

The advent calendar may start counting down from December, but it’s time to prepare now.  The preparation for Christmas can be totally overwhelming, the never-ending stressful to-do list!

Maybe you’re juggling your business to-do list, so why not throw the Christmas to-do list in amongst the chaos.  You can cope, right?

Well guess what – today’s Newsletter might just help you a little!  Here are a few Christmas tips to help stay organised ahead of Christmas.

Start early – it goes without saying really but start by breaking down the whole Christmas idea into small segments.  So grab a mug of Christmas hot chocolate, throw on a Christmas movie and grab a notepad and pen.

Plan the present shopping – are you going to plan a shopping day, or perhaps an evening of online shopping?  Whatever works best, pop something in the diary.

Christmas cards – when it comes to Christmas cards, have a list of who you want to or need to send one to and add a date in the diary.

Christmas food – maybe you like to feel the hustle and bustle and crazy Christmas food shopping atmosphere, alternatively, organise an online delivery and save some time.

Declutter – Toys, toys and more toys, Christmas is a time to pass old toys onto other people.  Schedule some time in the diary when the kids are at school and be ruthless.  Or perhaps give the kids the task of clearing out a couple of old toys each week.

Give your other half a job – Maybe they can play present deliverer one evening.

Prep Prep Prep – Christmas Day food prep, do it ahead of time and don’t leave yourself glued to the Kitchen all day.

Outsourcing isn’t lazy – it’s a smart move really…fancy a chat about it?  Get in touch, let’s grab a brew and have a chat.

Until next time…


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