Leo Zodiac Sign Everything You Need To Know

Those within the Zodiac sign Leo may feel the presence of their own aura in relation to the lives of others and know what is required for various situations.

What Dates Are Leo?

In Astrology, Leo season is July 22 to August 22, the sign of Leo is represented by the Lion. The Lion’s presence in any environment is like a King or Queen in their domain; where their dynamic demeanour wills attention. This is very symbolic of the characteristics of the Leo sign. Leos genuinely like to feel so though they can take their natural qualities into their environment. They project their presence to add significant value to that space. Their need for quality can create a desire that strives towards having the best, and why not? Most of us would love to feel that we are sitting on our own throne surrounded by royal splendour. A little piece of our world where we inspire people. Let’s delve into how Leos energetically use these traits to make things happen and to shine. So Let’s Begin.

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The Leo Zodiac Sign is a really lovely placement to have as they can be quite jovial and is always the life of the party, the biggest party.

What Element Is Leo?

In Astrology, Leos are the second heat within the fire element. I think of people with the sign of Leo as comparable to a campfire. The fire that creates social bonding, friends laughing in their experiences, having comfortability around a warming heat, cooking for each other in a feel-good energy. 

Why Is Leo Ruled By The Sun?

In Astrology, the Sun is the ruler of Leo. The Sun has a journey through the summer season that first starts in Cancer, the sign of emotion and motherhood, an energetic space where we gain an insight into our emotional needs. To then transition into an active space where we find acceptance of the Self, now knowing the things we need emotionally, how to show people who we are, how we use our creativity, how to love our natural abilities, and how to shine in the world – Sun in Leo. 

Although the Sun rules the Leo zodiac sign, it is also exalted in Aries when, meaning the highest qualities of the Sun can be achieved in this position, associated with strength, power, magnetism, luck, generosity and prosperity.

What Do Leos Feel?

With the Sun being the ruler of Leo, we can consider the Sun and its relationship with everything else; we acknowledge that everything has to go around the Sun. Whatsmore, the energetic intention of planets are determined based on their relationship to the Sun. Although other planets may have their own gravitational systems involving their individual moon, moons, and asteroids, they all still have a relationship that remains within the scope of revolving around the Sun and maintaining their purpose. 

A person born within the Zodiac sign Leo may feel the presence of their own aura in relation to the lives of others and know what is required for various situations. Like we know, the Sun is strongest between 12pm and 2pm because we feel it warmer the higher the Sun goes in the sky. Leos also feel their presence is so strong that it can seem to arrive before they do. 

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