Marie Diamond Transformed My Business!

Last year, I met Marie Diamond. Marie is a transformational life coach – she told me that she could transform my life. Professionally and personally!

Marie Diamond is a Feng Shui Master. She is the only European contributor to The Secret. This is the best-selling self-help film and book that has sold over 50 million copies. Marie is sought after by Hollywood A-Listers, CEOs of Forbes 500 companies and government advisers. She teaches you how to create the life that you want! Discover how to channel the law of attraction, quantum physics, energy numbers, Feng Shui and other ancient wisdom.

Last May, I managed to persuade her to come and hold a one day workshop with Pink Link. The first time that Marie had been up North! It was a fabulous day that left and everyone with a sense of determination and direction. These tools could change their lives.

I’ve worked with coaches before but I can honestly say that my business has soared since I implemented Marie’s advice. It is an investment I have made in myself and my business, that continues to pay back.

So much so, that 2019 is looking to be our best year ever. As we took a look at 2019 Q1, we saw an increase in sales of 136% and new membership 380% compared to the same quarter last year.

So, how did I do it and what did Marie Diamond tell me to do?

Vision Boards!

Many of us talk about doing a setting our goals. But how many times do you forget about them or think that they’re not working fast enough? By using specific directions and quantum colours you can set goals that will happen. Marie shows you how to create a vision board that is also three dimensional. It can be implemented in your home and your office. It can be used wherever you are. Even when you are with customers, at expos or in boardrooms to bring about the results that you want.


As you may have seen, I like pink! After years of corporate work, it was joyful and empowering to have such vibrant colours in my business. Fuchsia pink is also a colour that stimulates relationships. Perfect for me as my business is centred around connecting women in business. Following Marie’s advice, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a rebrand of Pink Link. The new logo represents the circle of connections. The vibrant pink with the words link and women highlighted in gold. Gold attracts energy, abundance and vitality. This has followed through to our other brands – The Life Expo and the Enterprise Vision Awards*.

New Beginnings!

I’ve always wanted to hold a large expo specifically aimed at female entrepreneurship. At the beginning of this year, we held our first one, The LIFE Expo, in Manchester beneath the wings of the iconic Concorde. Ladies Inspiring Future Enterprise brought together women at all stages of their careers and businesses. There was networking, advice and access to services that would help them to grow and develop. Inspirational speakers included Dr Cheryl Chapman, TEDX Catherine Edsell, Leanne Brown and previous contestants from The Apprentice including Michaela Wain and Neil Clough.

The LIFE Expo 2019


I’ve grown the team and have brought on two members to specifically work on marketing and sales. This has also meant that we have been able to open another networking group. We were also able to increase the number of events that we are holding. This has meant that we are able to increase awareness of our brand and to provide more resources to women across the region. In March, we held two events to celebrate International Women’s Day, one in Cumbria and the other in Lancashire. They were so successful that we are planning two events to mark Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in November. These events bring women from every corner of the North to network, browse exhibitor stands and to be motivated by business leaders. Our next conference Pink Link Summer Regional on 8 August celebrates our 10th anniversary and will be a sell out!

Pink Link Connects Women In Business


The Enterprise Vision Awards recognise and celebrate the successes and achievements of female entrepreneurs in the North West. Outside London, they are the largest business awards dedicated solely to women. The #EVAS2019 opened at the beginning of February and within the first hour nominations started flooding in. It is immensely satisfying seeing women use the EVAS as a platform to shine the spotlight on themselves and their business. We have big plans for this year’s ceremony, but I’m under strict instructions from the Pink Link team not to reveal more!


Jumping at opportunities and saying YES! It’s something that as women, we tend to think that we would love to do ‘it’ but the timing might not be right or the resources aren’t in place to do it at the moment so we put it off until ‘next time’. Unfortunately, ‘next time’ doesn’t always happen and the opportunity is missed. Recently, I entered a competition to work with Karren Brady on the launch of her new brand Strong Female Leadership. I was one of six women (the only one from the North) chosen to go down to London to film her SFL masterclass series which resulted into being invited to be an ambassador for SFL! Receiving another award from Theo Paphitis and being invited for tea at the Houses of Parliament with our Cumbrian EVAS finalists are just a couple of the opportunities which have helped me to promote our business and that of the women that we work with.

Marie doesn’t give you an overnight solution – but she does provide you with the tools to change your life. You do need to put her advice into practice and work at it – but I started to see results within weeks, and I’m not the only one. Estranged relationships have been mended, engagements announced, awards have been won, properties sold and financial successes have been reported back and much more.

Exclusive Workshop With Marie Diamond

We have arranged another one day workshop Transform Your Life with Marie Diamond on Saturday 18 May at The Pankhurst Centre in Manchester. The Pankhurst Trust was the 2018 Enterprise Vision Awards charity of the year. This was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and her family. It was in the front parlour of the house that the Suffragette Movement was founded.

This is a unique opportunity to work closely with Marie. I will be there to discover how I can take my business to the next level! If you want to a successful, abundant life, join us and book your place at our exclusive workshop now.

This workshop is open to all.

*Next year is our 10th anniversary for the Enterprise Vision Awards! You will have to wait to see the new branding for the EVAS! My lips are sealed!