Pink Link Business Networking for Women in Bolton


The Pink Link Bolton meeting is held once a month on a Thursday morning. Join us to make new connections and promote your business in Bolton and the surrounding area.

Well located for Manchester, Liverpool and Preston, Bolton is well served with transport links and is a popular choice for businesses, large and small. 



9   Join in the meeting. We will invite ladies to announce who they are and you can say hello to each other

9.30   We will give out some updates on Pink Link business/events/the EVAS etc

9.45   Introductions from each attendee; Who you are name, Business name, where you are located, What it is you are looking for business wise, Any shout outs for help during this period.

10.15   10 minute presentation from Peer member

10.30  Time for sharing and supporting each other after we have heard the pitches.

Pink Link Bolton October 2020 Peer Presentation by Harrison Drury on Pink Link Ladies website


Coral Horn


Telephone: 01772 348309
Mobile: 07870 394970


“Loving the online meetings, it’s great to see so many people connecting. The atmosphere is so welcoming, professional and fun. The online platform is very slick and impressive! Pink Link are moving on up in 2020 and have really adapted to the recent changes to help women in business thrive.”

Amanda Green, Emotional Health Coach
July 2020