Never-ending phone calls!

Never ending Phone Calls by the Pocket Watch Assistant

How many calls do you take or make that interfere with your day?

→Did you forget to arrange a meeting with a supplier or client?
→Calling a supplier to arrange an order is a job still on your list of things to do?
→Do you have a list of jobs to make access arrangements for?
→Do you have calls from tenants coming out of your ears?
→Do you still need to chase that money?

Having a bunch of calls to make does not sound like fun! How would it feel if this was possible to:

☆Have someone on hand to arrange your meetings and appointments, meaning you do not have to lift a finger!
☆Have someone place those supplier orders!
☆Have someone arrange access to all of those properties you need to attend!
☆Have someone be your middleman and firefight tenant calls away from you whilst dealing with them efficiently and at a high customer service standard!
☆Unleash your secret weapon to chase down outstanding money!

Do not waste anymore of your time making and taking calls when you could have someone dedicated to doing this for you.

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