No diet’s – But lasting change


We see September as a new start. We are back from summer holidays, kids are back at school and it’s the last quarter of the year. For me, it definitely has been a new start. I am now fully self employed, making my own decisions and setting my own business goals. I have decided to offer my ten week bespoke 1-1 program absolutely free of charge to one lady who will see lasting change in her life.

An Opportunity to Change Your Life

My current clients have paid thousands for this opportunity and it’s not something I am taking lightly.

My 1-1 coaching focuses on:

– A deep understanding of your struggle with food

– The triggers you have

– Transforming you into a life of true intuition where you understand that a diet isn’t needed

– You know the foods best for you at any time to keep you focused, energised and full so you are at your natural weight, your natural best.

From this new benchmark we will tackle your inner critic and your self sabotaging beliefs. So that you accept and acknowledge your past and present. You get to know the real you, let go of judgement and believe in you.

So if you want the opportunity to be coached by me where you can let go of your guilt and make changes, comment below. I will be in contact to ask for your email address so that you progress through the application process.

I will be recording your journey and I will be posting about your journey on social media. So please don’t apply if you are not prepared for people to learn about your journey with me.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and ladies that already work with me have paid well over £1000.00 to see and feel fantastic results.

This is not a diet program. This is a program where you will experience a life transformation and most importantly you get to know you. As one of my clients has said:

This is so much more than food, I am getting to know me, the real me and let go of judgement, calories are now not the focus – eating well is!

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