Our Top 6 Tips For Success In 2021

Pink-Link-Ladies-Business-Networking-Blog Top 6 Tips for Success in 2021

The 2021 Tips For Success List

  1. Set Goals
    It’s not simply about setting your goals – you need to track your progress and make yourself accountable for them.

    Make a plan for the whole year and then split it into quarters. Then add 5 things that you would like to achieve – make this a mixture of personal and business growth. Put them on a vision board where you can see them every day and at the end of each quarter check what you have achieved. Remember to add the extra successes which have happened organically along the way. The feeling of positivity and empowerment as you reach each goal will make you feel great!

  2. Networking
    Get your diaries out and start booking your meetings!

    There’s more to building a network than simply making connections. It’s about developing relationships and surrounding yourself with like-minded women who share similar goals and aspirations. One of the biggest benefits of online networking is that you can reach a wider group of entrepreneurs from wherever you are. Women who you can share knowledge and experiences with and explore opportunities. You will meet potential suppliers, customers and friends whilst spreading the message about your products and services. Attend with an open mind – it’s not about how many sales or new customers you can pick up. If that’s the reason you are networking you won’t get far. Instead, listen to what people are doing and what they are looking for. Follow up connections after the meetings and connect with them on social media.

    Don’t forget, it’s not just who is in the meeting, it is who they know who may be able to help you as well – and vice versa. Be a supporter and you will see a return on the investment of your time and money. Share your experiences with fellow businesswomen and invite them to a Pink Link meeting!

  3. UpSkill 
    Never stop learning! There are so many courses and masterclasses available to entrepreneurs to learn a new skill or master a talent. Local enterprise groups and colleges and universities have many different options, many of which are free.

    This opens up more avenues for improvement and new ideas and opportunities to give your business an added advantage. Learn from others around you and apply this to your business – don’t forget to give credit to your peers and mentors. 

  4. Focus
    Allocate your time and energy on what matters most. Decide on your priorities and focus on getting the tasks done. Reduce your external distractions by creating a quiet zone, close applications and silence notifications. Don’t be tempted to check emails, phone messages etc. If you’re working from home, try to set some boundaries with the family where you have some uninterrupted time. Eat the blue frog by completing your least favourite but most important task first – once you have this out of the way, you’ll be amazed at how you positive you will feel about finishing your other tasks. Don’t forget, some minor tasks might only take a short time to accomplish. Set aside an hour and get through as many of them as you can – it’s so satisfying to see your list reduced.

    Remember, you are not the master of all tasks. If you need help, ask for it. If it’s not your speciality there will always be someone who can do this for you quickly and efficiently. Your time is money and you could be spending time on energy on other tasks that will be more valuable to your business.

    Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. It’s important to ensure that you allocate time for your wellbeing and to energise your body as well as your mind. You need vitality to run a successful business so set some time aside to focus on your own needs as well as your business. 

  5. Stay Visible
    With all the restrictions, tiers and lockdowns, it can be hard to keep going. You may feel the urge to pull the covers over your head and hibernate until we’re back to ‘normal’. However, there are competitors out there who are sharing tips and advice, advertising their businesses and posting about how they can help their customers. Now is the time to step up into the spotlight and make sure that you stay visible. 

    Post on social media, update your website, write blogs and comment on other people’s posts. 

    Look at what your competitors are doing – aim high and include the biggest brands. We’re not suggesting that you copy their strategies, but learn from their successes and see if there are elements that you can apply to your campaign.

  6. PR Opportunities
    You are the best marketing tool for your business. You know your business inside and out and have the passion that will ignite excitement and interest.

    However, no matter how wonderful your business is, if you don’t shout about it, how will anyone else know? Take ownership for your PR (or employ someone to do this for you). Shout about your successes. Don’t worry about being modest, it’s not bragging to be an expert voice in your field, you’re taking positive action. 

    If want to feature in a magazine see which journalist is writing the articles and start following them on social media. Take a look at the content and think about how your business could fit in – is there a ‘side story’ that could be included to give it more interest. Remember, they are not there to sell your products, the readers will want a reason to carry on reading and feel as though they are getting to know you. For example, you may have had a life changing experience and had an epiphany moment when your business idea was born… that makes a story! 

    Listen to radio shows and if there is a feature where you can comment, give them a call. There could be an opportunity to mention your business! If there is a news story where you could offer help, again give the news desk a call and tell them how you could help. They are always looking for content. 

    Reach out and start engaging with journalists. Find out what they are looking for and be creative by looking at how you could pitch your story around this. Suggest yourself as an expert voice for comments, tips and advice on your industry. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained

What Do You Think?

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