Overthinking Much…?!

Well, what if you are exactly where you are supposed to be?!
What if there is a message being given to you, through this pattern, that will ultimately transform you?
I have come to learn, that we are always where we are meant to be.
Whether we like it or not, is an entirely different matter.
Whaaaaaat….?! I hear you say, this is the last place I want to be!
I get it, I have been through excruciating levels of transformation over the past couple of years, so I really do understand how hard it is.
When you are in a hard place, often the most unhelpful thing can be hearing from someone in a different place, who is telling you that you should just think positively or that suffering is a choice!
I am not going to tell you that for a second. It’s a bit Pollyanna for my liking.
I do love people who try to help,
but often they are speaking from the point they are at that moment in time and projecting it on to you, rather than meeting you where you are right now.
Not judging that either, just making a point, that is what can happen, but sometimes, we just need to honour where we are.
I am not saying I will argue for your limitations, I won’t do that, BUT I do understand how this stuff works.
Going through many dark nights has trained me well.
The energy for over thinking for many people is at an all-time high right now.
It’s also a time for rather uncomfortable emotions rising from within.  
This can feel very intense, it’s meant to, so that we pay attention and stop trying to shove them away!
Otherwise, we wouldn’t be driven to change.
We often need a real wake-up call & those too are high on the energetic agenda right now.
These emotions that are rising, already existed within you prior to the external situations you may believe are the reason, they are just the catalyst.
These emotions are just ready to be triggered out of you right now because it’s time.
I can explain this further, it’s something I have learned, but it would take too long in this blog, so let’s crack on!  
Of course, I don’t know your specific situation, but I can give you a general steer on overthinking and what is trying to do for you, not to you.
If I knew your specific situation, I would be able to help you understand what the underlying spiritual message is that you are being given.
Overthinking & Awareness:
Our thoughts originate from our beliefs which originate from our experiences.
Overthinking is thinking gone AWOL!
It can be like a form of torture.
Thought itself is very powerful, it has the power to destroy or transform but thinking, also has its limitations.
In fact, if you think about it (lol!) we can spend an enormous amount of time thinking about matters, but all that energy rarely leads to action or makes any difference. Annoying truth!
It is a lot of time and energy wasted, that can make us ill and drains our life force.
So, let’s take a different perspective!
Imagine that overthinking is just a function to invite you to learn something about yourself.
Awareness is massive!
If you are AWARE that you are overthinking, then this is already a better position that you might have believed.
Hmm…let that land for a minute. If you can hear this, it will distance you slightly.
As soon as you invite awareness to the party, you are already shifting & elevating your consciousness.
More on that later, as it is critical to your transformation.
What is Overthinking?
Here’s how I look at it:
Overthinking is happening at the level of the ego and fear. This is KEY!
Most of it is junk that is cluttering your pure channel of wisdom.
It is like trying to find a clear radio station, but all you can tune into is the interference.
Rumination is the equivalent of a washing machine set on an endless spin cycle!
The same old stuff goes round and round and round and round (you get the idea!) and leads to anxiety rather than any lasting solution.  
The spirit level of you or call it your ‘higher self’, has no need to think very much at all.
It is still, peaceful, all knowing, wise & trusting.
Intuition (the superpower) does not come through on demand, it does not respond to threats, nor does it align with the fearful part of ourselves.
When we are in a frantic, hurried or highly emotional state, intuition literally can’t get through all that noise and clutter.  
There is some inner clearing work to do first.
The invitation that is being extended to you, is to go deeper!
And why not, because let’s face it, the thinking isn’t working out for you really is it?!
The mode of thinking is what is causing the problem, beyond the problem itself.
We must go beyond the level of thought.
So, let’s say you have a decision to make, and you just can’t seem to get to an answer.
Well, unless you are in an emergency (the proper platform for the fight or flight response to be activated with a high dose of instinct kicking in!) then, just STOP, take a pause from trying to find the answer.
You may well find that the answer simply appears once you surrender all the gunk that is being attached to the decision and outcome.
Let…..It…..Go….even just for now!
Einstein was a big fan of this method.
It’s likely that you are emotionally attached to the outcome, and a bit of space could work wonders.
Overthinking also indicates that we are trying to control things too tightly.
You may want to control the outcome….that’s why you can’t let go.
Some people overthink because they want to make sense of a situation in a way that means they come out as the good or right person. They are clouded by their own judgement and in extreme cases, delusional.
You may be trying/wanting to control the way you and/or other people will feel.
Truth bomb…you can’t do that, and it doesn’t help, and it is also a spiritual no no.
No judgement here, but you could be looking for a way to avoid future feelings of discomfort or pain which is perfectly natural.
It may be that you are projecting your own pain & fear of being a ‘bad’ person onto someone else’s experience, I know, it hurts like hell, sending love.
Worrying can also provide us with a false sense of control, subconsciously, we can think we are still ‘doing’ something about the issue if we are worrying.
Most of the time, we are not afraid of outcomes, we are afraid of the emotions!
We are afraid of the way we will feel or how others will feel.
When we do this deeper work = GAME CHANGER!  
Most people, without realising it, spend a lot of time thinking because they are over identified with the thinking mind.
The more we obsess, the narrower minded we become and can lose sight of all clarity.
We can close down to possibilities.
Another reason for overthinking is wanting an outcome that suits everyone, that is no bad thing, you care, but again, you can’t control everything or everyone.

This may point to a pattern that you have that you are ready to start letting go of because it is holding you back; perfectionist, control freak, people pleaser to name a few.
One reason for overthinking is that you are simply trying to do too much and it’s spiralling into overwhelm.
Question the underlying reason for this, there is often at least one.
Stay curious as you ask yourself these questions.  
Are you a workaholic & how open are you to receiving support or asking for help?
Do you trust yourself or do you find yourself doubting your ability?
Do you trust the universe will deliver everything you need at the right time?
Do you have a need to be a ‘good girl or boy’ or to do the right thing?
Do you need to be right?
Explore your relationship with ‘doing’ and achieving:
Do you have a belief that if you are productive, you are worthy?
Are you requiring other people’s validation?
How easy do you find it to just ‘be’, with yourself, with your feelings?
Can you meditate? Or does the idea of it feel so far out of your reach, strange or pointless?
Be direct with yourself:
What am I afraid of?
This is a great one to journal around.
The Cover Story!
Overthinking and anxiety can also be a cover story for a deeper truth and other emotions.
This could be the message being delivered to you.
I have seen this pattern SO many times.

It is a calling to a more spiritual way of living.
It could be that you are trying to avoid uncomfortable emotions.
Every single person has an unconscious, made of many layers of emotion, that they are not yet aware of.
I have been hit with these repeatedly, not because I am a failure or weak or an overly emotional person,

but because I peel the layers of the onion & face my fears, even the ones I didn’t know I had!
I have been caught off guard many times.
I am not a fan of ‘gurus’ who supposedly have everything figured out, glossy marketing or selling an idea of being the end game.
Change can be a messy business!
When we think we have it all figured out or have got to the finish line, I think that is at best a limiting belief, at worst dangerous & delusional territory!  
I am real and honest.
Spiritual and human.
I don’t subscribe to BS.
I was a die-hard sceptic before I became who I am at this moment in time.
The transition to the spiritual and psychic world has been the hardest journey of my life and so I have reverence for it.
I have my own opinions, based on my experience and I remain open-minded to more.
I know I have much transformation behind me and ahead of me. I don’t control it. And sometimes I still try 😉
Right, let’s get back on track…
The Calling!
There are parts of you that are calling you to be witnessed, acknowledged, and released, but your ego wants to distract you from this with anxiety and overthinking and patterns of old.
Something inside you is asking to be healed.
Until we do this healing work, we tend to unknowingly project the unhealed parts of us onto situations and people outside of ourselves.
Maybe it’s time to get to the root, rather than looking at the symptom?
We do not need to control external circumstances to transform, it is an inside job.
This work can be challenging & enormously liberating!
Most overthinkers are looking for freedom.

Freedom is also an inner game that then changes external reality.
The Power of Calm.
You can begin right now.
Make being calm your top priority! Your dominant focus.
It will lead to all good things.
Your ego won’t like this, that sounds too simple to do any good right? But it is the truth.
Become the Witness.
Raise your level of self-awareness by becoming the witness.  
You are bigger than your thoughts and your feelings and your ego and you can detach yourself from the buzz.
You do have a choice, here it is:
Do you want to be dragged around by your thoughts and consumed by them?
Or would you like to put yourself in the position of the Observer?
Begin to observe your thoughts.
This brings a level of detachment; this doesn’t mean you don’t care.
It is just providing space which provides clarity.
Notice what your thoughts say to you, you can even write them down and expressing them is healthy on many levels.
The important part of this is to do it with CURIOSITY and not with JUDGEMENT!  
Judgement narrows the mind and can lead us on a downward spiral.
This is not an exercise in feeling bad about yourself, that won’t help!
But if you are there, if you are feeling that low, it’s still OK, you are still enough.
You will always be loved by spirit; you always have been, and you always will be.
It is not essential at this point to change your way of thinking, be gentle with yourself, not forceful.
Let that be what comes through, and be OK with it, knowing that this is not the entirety of who you are, it’s just a part that feels this way.
I am a fan of being honest with emotions and thoughts.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.
Simply getting thoughts and feelings down on paper and not hiding from them, is far less toxic than keeping them inside you…just please don’t send them to anyone.
You will likely find a pattern that links to a subconscious belief or fear.
Let yourself feel better about being honest with yourself.

This takes courage and that comes from the heart, that comes from love, not fear.
Connect with the Breath!
When we over identify with the thoughts, we generally don’t breathe very well!
To become grounded, we must be in the body, not stuck in the head.
We must be connected to the breath and ideally spend more time in nature.
Transformation is possible.
Change is possible, in fact, it is your destiny!
Imagine who you could become. This is your invitation to start.
If you are ready to expand your spiritual heart and live differently, you are welcome to contact me.
I hope this helps for now, may peace be with you and also with me.
Amanda G
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