Pink Link understands the challenges that women face and actively look for ways that will help women to succeed in business. Being part of the Pink Link community is like having a huge support squad around you. Sharing knowledge and discovering resources to help you solve your problems and achieve your dreams.

It can be lonely being a female entrepreneur. When you join Pink Link, you are not on your own. You are part of a friendly, proactive network of women from all sectors. Business owners, freelancers, employees of all ages and experiences from all over the UK. We believe in community over competition and are looking for women who support women to join us. You’ll have a network of women who will cheer your successes and help you up if things don’t go to plan.

The Pink Link network will help you to meet like-minded women in a friendly and relaxed environment. You will make new connections, build authentic relationships and create a support network that will help you to succeed and deliver the results that you strive for. Business opportunities and new customers/sales will develop naturally as you get to know each other.

We offer a low cost membership scheme with benefits. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Click here to discover the features and benefits. We are expanding the Pink Link network across the UK. If you do not find a group near you at this time, you can still join us either by visiting the business networking meetings or become an online network member here. Our business conferences, masterclasses, virtual events and socials are open to all female entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to meet you!