Re-Create Your Reality

I like to remind myself of this and wanted to share with anyone who needs it today or any other day. The one consistent thing in this life is change!

I take responsibility.

I raise my vibration even in the smallest of ways.

I appreciate that everything is temporary.

Whatever I am experiencing, I can choose my perspective.

I can think a better thought.

I know my beliefs are reflected back to me in life.

I raise my expectation, of myself and others.

I let go of conditioning, old stories and illusions.

I breathe deeply. 4 in, hold for 2, 4 out.

I feel at peace and trust that everything is as it is meant to be.

I aim to maintain an inner state of calm.

With curiosity, I notice my internal reactions and I soothe myself.

I know the only power is in the present moment.

I focus on what I want to see, not what is missing.

I begin to feel grateful.

My consciousness expands.

There is more to existence than what the eyes see.

There is always so much I can appreciate.

I can see the gift and the lesson in every situation.

I am thankful and I smile.

I create my own reality.

I turn lead into gold, everytime.

I am my own alchemist and magician.

I am connected to universal energy.

I am fourth dimensional.

I am empowered.

I feel the love.

I share it too.

Be magical, because we really all are.

Namaste and Good Vibes, Amanda G x

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