Some people think I am lazy…

Because I’ve decided to outsource my house cleaning…


I do not and never have let my house cleaning slip.  It’s been part of my weekly routine for as long as I’ve had a house.

The thing is I came to a point recently where my business is busy, other things are going on which are more important and adding cleaning the house to these factors isn’t helping me achieve the work-life balance.

Many people may think it’s a ridiculous thing to outsource, but my fight with trying to ensure I don’t clean when I’ve got our little one or when I’m cleaning, I feel like I should be working is over.

It’s been a smart move for me, my business and my life.  One less thing to think about.

Now – what else can I outsource?

What’s the first thing you would outsource?

Are you looking to outsource an element of your back-office tasks, get in touch – let’s grab a brew and have a chat!

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