Stripping off on the Sofa

Stripping Off On The Sofa by Coral Horn of Pink Link Ladies

Stripping off on the sofa…

Waiting for 9pm on Sunday night for my next fix of Line of Duty and I found myself stripping off on the sofa. I suddenly felt quite hot. I took off my socks, removed my jumper and started to fan myself. Moments later I was having to re dress myself as I was cold! I don’t think the anticipation of finding out who H was had made me get so hot on my sofa. It dawned on me this was definitely (not definitaly) something my 52 year old body telling me! A quick word with my Mum who had similar experiences when she was 53, and I realised that the dreaded M was on its way.

M is not only for May but also Menopause!

I contacted Elissa Corrigan, another amazing female entrepreneur who joined us for International Women’s Day for help. During the pandemic, she had started a new business, Elle Sera. She had created a supplement specifically for women filled with natural ingredients. They’re designed to deliver the correct doses of daily goodness that our bodies need during this stage in our lives. It wasn’t long before my order was swiftly on its way.

I was so impressed with the packaging, branding and the gold brass vessel to store Elle Sera supplements that the ominous thought of menopause was soon forgotten. The promise of something that would bring joy had been delivered. Elissa should be applauded for her awesome branding and I can’t wait to reap the benefits of these little golden goodies.

Healthy Body, Healthy Business

As business leaders, we know that we need to take care of ourselves. We need to be at our optimum to steer our ships and crew through choppy seas, but how many of us do? For many of us, the last year has felt like navigating through a tsunami. I for one realised I needed to pay more attention to what my body was telling me.

As we enter May with all its promise of a brighter time ahead, with the lockdown easing and hope of normal returning, I have been taking stock and investing some time in my own health and wellbeing.

Working on skin from the inside

I had the pleasure of interviewing Maxine Laceby CEO of Absolute Collagen for IWD. She started her business from her kitchen creating a concentrated marine collagen supplement.

I had a continuous sniffle since lockdown 1 which had caused the skin around my nose to be dry, flaky, and red. After trying numerous lotions and potions it was not clearing. However, after two months of taking Absolute Collagen, I have seen a significant difference. Thanks to Maxine, I’m now a devoted #Absoluter!

What do you mean I have a lazy bum?

My physiotherapist had announced I had a lazy bum! Yes, apparently this is a thing! After numerous visits to his clinic to work the pain I had been experiencing when I had been pounding the streets I am now back at the gym. I had taken my body for granted and didn’t anticipate the change brought on by the inactivity of lockdown. I have never in my life been called lazy and I am so grateful for the re-opening of gyms and the wake up call.

Rash Attack!

For several year’s, I have had patchy dry skin and an intermittent rash on one foot. It was always strange coming and going of its own accord without invitation. I finally decided to try out the Bioresonance treatment offered by Marilyn Read. She expressed her opinion that it was likely to be another area of my body that was out of line. Bioresonance therapy is used to address the underlying causes of chronic and degenerative diseases. It tests the energetic state of your body’s organs. To many this may sound a bit woo woo as they say but I was willing to give it a go. I had a  2 ½ hour treatment which included a detoxification. Three weeks on, the unsightly little rash has disappeared. I am always open to trying new things and I had heard many reviews of Marilyn’s work over the years. I just wish I had prioritised my health and made time for this long overdue visit before now.

And finally a facial!

As the road map of unlocking allowed the beauticians to re open I was quick to book a facial. A Caci facial with all the trimmings with Rebecca Stott of the Temple Beauty Clinic. A little haven of relaxation in Little Eccleston where it’s all about you and what a pamper! The beauty industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and there’s only so much pivoting a girl can do. It was wonderful to hear that customers were flocking back and bookings were looking rosy – a bit like me when I left!

One life, one you

At times during the last 12 month’s, I have been physically falling apart with one ailment or another. I’ve not paid attention, I was always too busy. Thank you to the ladies that have provided the services afore mentioned that are helping me to get back on track. If you take one thing away from this honest blog then I hope it will be you take time to listen to what your body is telling you and invest in yourself.

I’d love to hear recommendations for your ‘go to’ healthy fixes and treatments.

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