T H E • B E S T • L A N D L O R D

Do you strive to be the best landlord out there, the one whom everyone recommends, the one who never needs to advertise properties to let?

Being a landlord isn’t all about taking the money and running off at the speed of light never to been seen again!
A happy tenant, really does mean a happy landlord.

Happy Landlord!

As a landlord, are you:

• Approachable and friendly
• Easy to contact
• Honest and polite
• Personal and flexible where possible

Important factors for tenants?

• Landlord deals with issues quickly
• Communication, keep the tenant up to speed with timescales of repairs
• Upkeep of the property – would you live there?
• Abide by plenty of notice for entering the property
• Regular communication with landlord/agent

Top tips:

• Meet tenants on time at the viewing or any meetings
• Check property before new tenants move in as a final check
• If you have a superb tenant, they never get in touch with any issues – just check in on them every 3 months to check all is ok
• Treat tenants as you would like to be treated
• Ensure you have all of the correct cover for property and appliances

How does that sound? Need a hand, grab a brew – let’s have a chat!

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